My wireing for my dual motor drive electronics

I just want to check if there is anything to improve on or fix. How do you create the “Y” cable in the diagram? If not, post your cool DUAL DRIVE diagrams… The parts listed were: 2x Vescs CANBUS CABLE Receiver Matching remote Battery Matching charger 2x motors Y cable

I was planning on using the enertion space cell, so I don’t need charging ports, on off switches, and voltage/wattage displays right?

Your diagram seems right. A Y cable from the space cell to the vesc is basically putting both vesc in parallel with the space cell.

A quick search on the forum will give you plenty of example

I’m confused what an XT90 cable does. I didn’t have one in my diagram but you said it was right…

If my diagram is right then why is this one so complicated with XT 90 things and crap?!?!?

If I wasn’t using the space cell what would they do? (Sorry I’m new to this.)

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Nice diagram. So, what voltage are you planning and what motor kv?

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It’s not so complicated, it’s the same as yours but I used a watt mater and antispark switch I between. The XT90 are the connectors. I was showing where the connections are, but I missed the ones on the watt meter and on off switch

Dude, that’s not really nice blasto. I asked you a question because I’m new and interested in this topic and you personally replied to me saying " It’s not rocket science! Sorry, but your full of shit."