Mystery round connector [replaced w/ custom made]

Hello I’ve spent some hours unsuccessfully searching for this connector. The close I’ve got is some kind of amphenol connector but I don’t think that’s right it’s from a chinese board so probably in metric? These measurements are approximate.

If anyone even just knows what these kind of connectors are called or help narrow my search, I guess something like this would be on digikey…

The replacement battery I ordered came with a 4 pin version and I need to a 3 pin version.

connector 20190415_173131 20190415_173144

This is an example of the 3 pin connector I need. If anyone has any ideas, thanks!

It’s a GX16-3


That for sure gets closer! I think the pinout is compatible but all my searches online seem to show the inverted gender, and slightly different style keyway.


The keyway probably isn’t important but finding a panel mount female connector is the trick I guess.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Yes, upon closer inspection, it appears to be a

“GX16-3 that’s been modified to be proprietary and not obtainable anywhere else so you have to pay up”


I would just change it all over to actual GX16-3 and be done with it.


Probably good advice, I’m going to continue the search now that I at least know the pinout it should match.

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Good advice from @b264 You’ll probably be trying to find a match for the proprietary version until the cows come home. Best option is to replace both connectors with the generic version.

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Ordered some GX16-3 I think I might be able to retrofit the female part to the inside of the part I already have. It appears to be held in place with a set screw so if the diameters are compatible I just need to drill out the current guts, replace it with this and then drill in a place for a set screw.

If it doesn’t work I’ll just give up and focus on building my own board instead of repairing crappy Chinese ones. :slight_smile:

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Drilled out the old connector.


Left plastic on the internal diameter to match the insert. Had the perfect size drill bit already, hooray!


Drilled the hole for the lock screw (in the wrong place, had to do it again).


And… voila! The connector is a bit fussy to get on/off compared to the “original” one that uses a rubber surround. But it works!

Anyways if anyone is curious this was because I bought an Onan x2/x3 battery thinking it would work for the x1, but after ordering it found out the connector was different. Don’t be like me.