N.E.S.E Module 12s4p in 2s4p modules with needed parts, 50 Samsung 30Q , 12s BMS [EU]

Got a injury in football so wont be for now completing my build so selling my unused parts away

Edit: N.E.S.E includes 6 x 2s4p modules
10 x series bus bars
4 x single caps
10 x twin caps
1 set bms ring terminals

Add photos please. :slight_smile:
Added location.


What are you looking to get for it?

IMG_20190412_203842 IMG_20190412_203905 IMG_20190412_203929 IMG_20190412_203940 IMG_20190412_203954

Your price?

prob around 150€ for cells, 50€ for Bms and Nese 110€

Edit: corrected prices

Any chance you would ship to US?

I could but shipping prob gonna cost alot

EU and US prices are not the same on nkon (ours includes VAT, yours does not i suppose), at 3.42€/cell, it is around 170€ for 50

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corrected price, i did pay vat for them

Hello, i’m in france and willing to buy your cells. Still available?

yes still in stock

Check your PM

Regarding the cells, how much shipped to france?

check your Pm

still open since last buyer cancelled

Hello, how much for the entire set shipped to the UK

If you’re talking about me, I didn’t. Check you PM. I’ve sent you two.

Still on sale

So why didn’t you reply to several of my messgaes asking for postage cost?timewaster

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