Name coming soon | LY Evo | TB 218 | Dual 6374 190kv | 12s4p 30q | Dual FocBox | Metr

This build started with the purpose of getting me to the store down the street a little quicker. Then I started reading about all of these crazy build people were putting together. It turns out that the route I’ve chosen is overkill for a ride down the block due to the weight and size of the thing. But I feel that it will be better served for cruising the mountains around me, and for long distance rides.

Now it’s almost finished. Today I will post some photos of the steps that I took. Can someone please go over my Focbox settings with me sometime to make sure it all looks good? That will at least give me some peace of mind for the first run.

@bigben Your enclosure looks excellent! It’s even more robust than it appears. @Jlabs The battery pack and modular pulleys are perfect so far. Thank you for all of your help. @Alphamail I appreciate the advice you gave me for getting this board configured for the deck, dewedging, and my bodyweight. @Deckoz Thank you for helping me with all of my little questions!

  • Electronics

    • 12s4p battery pack: 30Q cells, 2A charger, E-switch, BesTech 80A BMS, voltage reader, and xt60 adaptor.
    • (2) Enertion Focbox
      • (2) Focbox Sensor wires
      • VESC CAN Bus Connector
      • Male to Male Servo connector
    • Metr Pro Bluetooth Module
    • TorqueBoards Nano remote control
  • Drivetrain

    • (2) TorqueBoards 6374 190kv motor
    • (2) Enertion Motor mount (Carbon/Aluminum)
    • (2) 15t 15mm Motor Pulley
    • (2) 36t Flywheel Modular Pulley
    • (2) Jason 270-5M-15 Synchronous Timing Belt
  • Skateboard

    • Landyachtz 39” Evo Deck
    • Abec11 Superfly 107mm wheels
      • Bronson G3 Bearings
    • TorqueBoards 218mm Trucks
      • Front
        • Khiro Angled Wedge Rail 5 Degree dewedge
        • Baseplate from 44° Caliber II
      • Rear
        • 3d printed cable management riser
      • Hardware
        • M5 x 0.8 Flat Head Socket Cap Screws 45mm
        • M5-0.8 / 5mm - Nylon Insert Hex Lock Nuts
        • M5 / 5mm - Metric DIN 125 A Flat Washers
        • M5 BLACK Anodized CNC Billet Aluminum Finishing Washers
      • Bushings (Riptide):
        • Caliber II pivots 96a front and back
        • Front- KranK Canon / Canon 87a
        • Rear- Krank Canon / Magnum (roadside)
  • Enclosure

    • Big Ben Fiberglass Enclosure
      • 20mm / M4 x 0.7 - Flat Head Caps Screws
      • m4 anodized cup washers
      • m4 self-tapping wood inserts
      • Silicone O-Rings 5/32" ID X 9/32" OD
      • Weatherstripping (B shape)
  • Extras

    • Loctite Blue 243
    • Neoprene 1/8" thick sheet
    • Dow Corning 737
    • 5.5mm & 3.5mm Bullet Connectors
    • 12AWG Silicone Wire 2m (Red & Black)
    • Nylon XT60 Connectors Male/Female


First part arrived! Landyachtz Evo Deck - with Elon ready to go IMG_20180517_130538

More parts are coming in. Motors, Trucks, bushings, bearings, wheels, bolts, and washers. IMG_20180603_110903 IMG_20180603_113150

Front Trucks TB 218mm with 44° Caliber II baseplate and 5° dewedge Rear Trucks TB 218mm - no changes Comes out to 54/35. IMG_20180603_145149 IMG_0316

Fiberglass enclosure arrived MVIMG_20180707_120118

Drilling holes for inserts MVIMG_20180707_120130

Inserting… Inserts MVIMG_20180707_141909 MVIMG_20180707_144609 MVIMG_20180707_141933

Carbon fiber & aluminum motor mounts are here IMG_20180912_150158 MVIMG_20180707_183650

Inserting motor shaft keys and installing pulleys IMG_20180912_150231 I used pliers to press the key into the shaft. The cardboard is there to protect everything from scratches. MVIMG_20180912_150630 MVIMG_20180912_150710 IMG_20180912_150933

Installing pulleys into wheels. - Pressing in the extra wide bearing wasn’t difficult. IMG_20180912_142048 Pressing in the hub required a lot of force, and I didn’t have a clamp. I ended up standing on them. IMG_20180912_142734

Get the Loctite and bolts out. - I’m using Wera Hex-Plus tools for everything. These things are really cool. I never liked using hex tools for the smaller stuff because of their tendency to strip the heads. But these tools, combined with high-quality bolts, are unstoppable. IMG_20180912_143144 IMG_20180912_143110 Not as flush as I wanted. But I’m pretty sure that it won’t go any farther. @jlabs This is normal right? MVIMG_20180912_143228

The battery pack arrived - Trying to figure out what to do with it. IMG_20180906_150445

Parallel connector for the speed controllers - Elon is beginning to trust the butane soldering iron/heatgun IMG_20180914_084407 IMG_20180914_084337

Programming speed controllers with the Bluetooth module - It will be nice to have once everything is bolted together! IMG_20180915_155348

Here’s the receiver - Not much to say here, haha. MVIMG_20180915_213538

Managing motor phase wires - This process used way more solder than anticipated! The riser was 3D printed. IMG_20180917_223116 IMG_20180917_223124 IMG_20180917_223215 IMG_20180917_223910 IMG_20180917_223804 MVIMG_20180917_224712

Added weatherstripping and neoprene rubber to the enclosure IMG_20180920_165226 IMG_20180920_165226 This stuff smells aweful! IMG_20180920_172105

Electronics going in - This was tougher than I imagined it would be. There wasn’t much space, but I eventually made it work. IMG_20180922_155355

I ended up extending the receiver wires. It’s not in the photo, but the receiver was placed towards the front right corner of the board/enclosure, away from the mess of wires in the back. I’m hoping that this will decrease interference and give me a more solid connection. IMG_20180926_234954

Installing the battery meter, on/off switch, and charging port - After drilling and filing holes for these things, I used neutral cure silicone to keep the enclosure sealed. IMG_20181002_182124 MVIMG_20181002_182137 MVIMG_20180926_205014

Not my best work or proudest moment :disappointed: - Any ideas on how to make this look better? IMG_20181002_182130 MVIMG_20181002_182133

Belts installed IMG_20181002_182210

Enclosure mounted - Lots of things left to clean up. The o-rings under the mounting bolts are binding and popping out. I’ll have to figure out a fix for that. IMG_20181004_171931 IMG_20181004_171948 IMG_20181004_171820 IMG_20181004_171922

Almost done - Still needs to be cleaned up IMG_20181004_171721 IMG_20181004_172240 IMG_20181004_172300 IMG_20181004_172109


Excellent documentation, I love it. Looks great!!!

Cat approved is important!

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Wow, your documentation is unsurpassed. Terrific job. 12s4p was always going to be tight. Mine has 10s5p with the big bms. It’s a squeeze.

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@bigben That was a big fear of mine. That all of this waiting for your enclosure to come through customs, and the battery pack being made, etc., wouldn’t fit. It’s not Amazon Prime! Your enclosure looks great. I did scratch it here and there with the file I was using. Did you say that a Black sharpie might do the trick?

@alphamail Thank you! Yes, Elon was with me every step of the way. Except for the soldering part, he had to exit the room for that. Cat + Soldering = something undesirable

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Black sharpie and a swift finger…

very well made. congrats

Thanks. I just checked out your DIY silicone grommets. That is a cool idea! It’s got me thinking now.

didnt rly work well, i mean silicone is good, but i would need a better mold to get something to actually work with. Since you seem to have a 3d printer i guess you can make some nice molds.

I used a vendor at 3D Hubs for the printing service. I didn’t get too deep into this project. No 3d printing, DIY battery pack, or fiberglass molding took place in my little apartment!

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Nice build and man that set up is going to rock your world. As a wise man said to me once. Nice evo.:wink:

:smirk: :smirk: :smirk:

The setup is running great. It’s much faster than I anticipated. With the motors at 80a, I haven’t tried to go full throttle yet.

Stability is a little tough for me around 29mph and up. It gets a bit wobbly. I think more practice keeping my body weight towards the front of the board will help.

The only problem that I’ve been having is with the motor pulleys. They always slip from their position, even with Loctite 243 and very tight set screws. The belts have a constant tendency to slide towards the motor; this is the cause of the issue. Maybe it’s the way the hanger is shaped? There’s seems to be no way to fix the belt issue, so last night I installed two 8mm snap rings to both sides of each pulley. There are no grooves in the motor shafts, so I am not 100% confident in the longevity of this solution. But I’ll give it a try today, and put them through some extra torque on the road to see if they stay put.

8mm snap rings on both sides of the motor pulleys MVIMG_20181019_093351 IMG_20181019_093327

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The clips worked great. I’ll add those to the build list, and I highly recommend using these for anybody having trouble with their pulleys sliding around.

I was also having trouble with a recurring click sound from the pulleys due to not being able to fully torque the set screws. This was due to a poorly fitting hex key (Wera Hex Plus) and soft steel screws. The fix was harder set screws from Monsterbolts at eBay, plus their hex key. Loctite 243 is always applied.

Where did you get these motor mount… I’m looking for the exact ones but can’t find any

I got them from Oriol at They have been great so far. Haven’t moved a bit.

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