[Name goes here]

This is going to be my next build, hopefully Ill have it done in a few weeks :slight_smile:


Deck: Loaded Vanguard flex 3

Enclosure: @Eboosted 10s Vanguard enclosure pack

ESC: Two 1.7 Focboxes (connected via canbus) @SkateYS

Battery: @thisguyhere 10s3p Samsung 30t

Remote: Flipsky VX1… Maybe my OSRR remote if my other build ends up falling flat :roll_eyes:

Wheels: Otang Purple Caguamas

Motors: Boosted v1 dual + (battle hardened by @akhlut )

Pulleys/Mounts/etc: Boosted v1 dual +

I love how low profile and fitting the eboosted enclosure is! Feels very durable as well.

I havnt thought of a name yet… maybe it doesnt need one :man_shrugging:

more posts coming when my ideas need fine tuning

also yes im well aware that wheel is on backwards, I just wanted a quick shot for a little more meat on my post :V