Nano Remote Speed Modes

I’ve been using the nano remote for a while, and there are all of these extra buttons. Is there any way to program speed modes to them, and if not what are they for?

Anyone? 10 char

i know one is for pairing, and the other ones for useless stuff…

no way to program speed modes onto them i don’t think

edit: thought you already knew about slow/fast cause most remotes say it.

seemed like you wanted to add more then 2 speed modes which was weird.

Why do you need the extra speed modes when there is actually 2, a low power and high power setting. The settings in between are kinda useless anyway …

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What do you mean by that?

There must be a switch where you can change between two modesimage

Thanks man! Any idea how to set up the reverse function? I’ve tried holding in the past and it didn’t work.