Nano Vanguard | Custom Deck 30" | 10s3p Samsung 25R | 192Kv SK3 | DIYes VESC

Hey guys, I’ve been trying to find a good looking 30" deck with about 24" wheelbase, but its proving quite difficult. So i decided to make a scaled down version of a Loaded Vanguard. I “pressed” together 2 sheets of 1/4" homedepot plywood as a test and it ended up working just fine, so ill use this until it delams or snaps. Here’s where i’m at, i still need to make new enclosures and migrate all the electronics from my other board.

Right after cutting, testing flex and truck fit.

And after two coats of minwax polyshades:

Stay tuned for updates!


Nice job! Did you draw that vanguard shape by hand and cut it or use a PDF template? Hehe

check out the Icone intercepter - really nice board

Thanks for the suggestion. But that board is pretty much what i had before (36" Bustin EQ). I wanted something smaller (29-30")

@lox897 i traced the shape from Loaded website and then scaled and adjusted width for 30", printed and cut with a jigsaw.

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Quick update, test fitting trucks after paint.

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