Nano (Winning) V2

This seems interesting:

Anyone tried this one? Is it just a re-skin or did they improve the electronics? (Or did they take Jason’s improvements from the Nano-X and put them in their own case? :wink:)

saw this too, but haven´t found this somewhere else yet…

The reciever looks the same tho. My thought its just re-skinned

Receiver also looks the same for the Nano-X, and I find that amazingly reliable :slight_smile:

I’m running the the old version ( the one without winning on the remote) and have very minimal issues with it. I’m interested how this one will be.

We sell this but haven’t updated photos. It’s replaced our old Nano Remote.

Does it offer any improvements on the reliability? Or is it only a reskin? :slight_smile:

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I saw it a while ago but it seems so similar to the nano, all the same features. Hopefully its a fixed version!

Found a supplier should be able to do a group buy for around $40-50 each if anyone is interested like this post.

le$$ if we hit 50 remotes, waiting on shipping quote.

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That is @fottaz’s shop, he may know the changes

Do you want me to contact the manufacturer and check if anything has changed other than the case?

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That’d be lovely

Sent them a message. Will update once I receive a reply

Hey, New nano remote version has improved and very good signal, no bind plug required.

Would be easier to asjust trottle because of that button out of the case, 2nd Channel seems to work like “ride mode”, in few words has two kind of acceleration mode, slow and fast

I can’t use 2nd Channel to turn on/off lights, i Will ask this to the manufacturer

Ok Im right with the mode, havent manual yet. Will be possible to expand 2nd Channel

Looks like they took all Jasons improvements/features and made a new skin. Very nice. @saul shoot me a message if/when you do a group buy

It could be…could be the same manufacturer too! Honestly im Pretty Happy with new version, specially now that I had manual. I will have them in stock really soon (Will get to me in few days) Price Will get higher in few days too

Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s the same manufacturer. Jason did some improvements on their winning, and they’re now putting it into their own. :slight_smile:

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got the quote, I can do a gb for about $37 each + shipping.

just need to get some interest… i guess I’ll just make a thread and see

Dunno if i should buy this one. I read the autobind is garbage :confused: help me decide guys!

I have one. I like it…