Narrowest truck for eboard

So I’m looking forward to making my son an eboard and I was wondering what is the narrowest truck you guys have used.

I’d like to use his current skate board that is 7" wide.

Thanks Al…

If I’m not mistaken 7" is about 18 cm and that’s how wide for example Caliber II and Paris V2 are that are popular trucks in electric skateboard builds. Again, don’t trust me completely on this since I’m pretty new to the whole longboarding thing.

Hmm, good point.

Has anyone used anything smaller than the 180mm trucks? It will be a single drive.


Caliber makes some smaller trucks… they are featured on narrow boards like the arbor rally:

I’ll get a better close up pick of the truck when I get home but I’m pretty sure you could fit a single motor mount on it.

I think a guy named voodoojar did. Look up bubblegum boards

looked up the bubblegum @psychotiller, those are pretty small trucks. that board makes me think I can use his current trucks with maybe some machining on the truck.

Thanks Al…

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I think you can put a motor on any size truck, you just may need to custom make the mount. the only time with really plays a role is when you want to mount 2 motors. then you need at least 190mm

I own a bubblegum board and cloned it for my kids. You can easily put Caliber II trucks 158mm on your board and use some available motor mounts.

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Yep, if you use the smaller cailbers I think you could pull off a small board easily:

These trucks are around 7 inches wide, and have plenty of room for a mount.

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I have some on my site that will work for smaller calibers on a single drive without modifying the truck.

SurfRodz Hex TKP’s also work. I have truck adapters for them as well.

I used caliber’s 9in truck and came across some issues with the distance from the wheel gear and the motor mount. I had to sand down part of the truck so that both of them could line up with the pulley.

I will be mounting an enertion CF mount on that arbor rally today, so we will se how it goes.

I do think as @Fababuba said you might have to sand down a little bit of the truck where it starts curving towards the kingpin.

Yep, 9" calibers will need so modification

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@cmatson looks like you could flip the engine pulley and be ok.


unfortunately the wheel pulley rubs on the CF… :pensive:

also in the pic I could only get that close when the motor mount was slightly tilted to the left (somewhat visible) which would make you wear through belts insanely quick.

I’ll post up a pic of my modification in my next build thread- it is just some basic dremeling on the angled part of the hanger.

a weld on mount would be the go in that case. there would be no offset to rub on the wheel.

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Don’t want to spam any one, but my mount would work.


It really depends on the mount, normally that’s no problem. No modifications required.

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It’s just because of the way the CF piece on enertion’s mount sticks out: I realize others can work, but I was just testing the trucks with enertion’s mount because that’s what I will be using.