Narrowest trucks that can be electrified (27" board)?


Thinking of electrifying a 27" “Nickel” board (like this: ). Is it even possible using 4" trucks? Can a belt (or chain) system be fitted on something like that? Chain would be narrower than belt, but also a bit heavier.

So far I have seen penny boards with pretty wide trucks, but that doesn’t seem like a great idea.

Bennett vector trucks, @marcmt88 makes mounts that fit them.


I used stock trucks from my nickel and made a mount

I think (a) hub motor(s) would be a smarter choice. However it certainly can be done!

This is how my nickel looked

@Sender put a standard caliber 2 mount on 165s?

Had to mod the hanger a bit

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Looked at your post. Do you have some more pictures with how you mounted that custom mount to the trucks?

Those look pretty wide! Those are not standard (penny nickel) width trucks right?