Near Complete 10S4P Dual Focbox $380

Build from @willpark16. Globe Maiden downhill deck, @Kaly BMS. @psychotiller enclosure, dual Focbox, ABEC 97s, Samsung 30q 10S4P. $380 for sale only. Prefer to sell local but will ship. Original post:





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I’m interested I’m new too the website and can’t figure out how to pm you.

You should at least place a price

If that battery was touched by @willpark16 I would recommend everyone to stay away from it.

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Even the pack has been rebuilt.

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That’s a really good thing. His “work” is not something to really wanna pass the buck on considering how dangerous these batteries can be.

Still selling? And can you ship to the EU

Hello, it’s available. If you agree once I calculate shipping costs to EU, the build is yours. I use a great shipping provider. Would need country and postal code.