Nearly new Space Cell Pro 4

Almost 1 year ago i bought a Space Cell 4 from enertion. I got some mounts and a skateboard and started playing around and got my skateboard to work. I was extremely happy with it as it simplified the process of building and assembling the skateboard a lot.

After playing some months with the Electric skateboard i stoped using it and it is sitting there so now i want to sell the Batterry as it is in perfect shape and it is a extremely high quality device.

atached some pictures and i can answer any questions :).

Price would be 200 € + shipping from Spain, i still have the original packing material.

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How much Miles did you put on it has the range drooped, are the cells 10s4p Samsung Q30 Or Samsung 25R?

Do you ship to US and how much would Eu shipping cost about?

Should be 25r. This is a good deal


goddamn this is a great deal

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Just cheked and they are 25R.

I went to work ± 20 times. Its aprox 5 KM . So it has only aprox 100 ± KM on them.

I would have to check shipping to US , but its probably going to be Expensive from 70 to 100 €.

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IE Means Ireland Im from Ireland you saying shipping to IE costs that much?

Sorry let me clarify,

You asked to ship to the US, (United Stades) that one would be probably on that price range i mentioned.

Shipping to ireland is probably much cheaper.

I used IE as In Example.

Sorry for the confusion.

there are too many damn abbreviations for example…


IE is an abbreviation for « Id Est » which means « In other words »

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Thanks for the explanation! I’m not a native speaker so , there is that :smiley:

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Where in Spain?

Yes 10char

Located in Palma de Mallorca, balearic islands.

got a PM 10char

Got a lot more attention than expected here are some more pictures of the rest of the pieces i would selll.

Its basically all the pieces escept the VESC. every single piece other than that is there + some replacement velts.

Missing part is the wireless reciever because its inside the battery case at the momment.

How much are you asking for the trucks, wheels, and motor?

Trucks, wheels and motor = 200€ + Shipping. if you get the battery also i’d sell it for 390 + shipping.

Is the space cell pro 4 still for sale?

I want your battery. Let me know if you can ship to the uk and costs etc. Thanks