Need 10-12 AWG Silicone Flexible Wire

I like the way they stand up to abuse too…

yea now I run 12awg on everything too.

What awg are those wires on sk3’s they look very thin

A mixture of Mains work, wiring for 3d printers, and mostly for building a 52s-9p battery pack :smiley:

@FredrikHems I am about to spend 2k on a new battery shipment. I always bulk buy and save what I can. then use slowly over time.

52s, Huh? Thats serious! Will it go in an Electric car or similar?


initially its going inside an E-Quadbike, to test the “battery” should be able to get about 198V @ 200A. then after testing, im going to make 3 more ( 4 total) and put them inside my super ghetto ATV ive been building for a while.

just a fun little side project ive been working on for a year now - eventually ill get around to finishing it and will probably put a post up about it.

Dang, thats gonna be insane… Make sure to update us! :heart_eyes:

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Oh my, thats going to be the best Atom in the universe.


I just went to the store and bought a welder, some tubular steel, and wheels. thanks for making me waste more money bro :rofl:


your welcome. its not much of a diffrence from Esk8 to Evehicle. just some slightly more expensive parts. Cant wait to see what your coming up with :smiley:

If you want a decent motor for light vehicles/ quads here is a good ~20hp motor — can definitely reccomend this one!

haha no mine will be ultra ghetto. 6374 and vesc anyone :rofl:

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Tbf with the correct heatsink you can pull 5Kw through a vesc with no problem!

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citation needed

A normal Vesc can pull 40A without a heatsink before overheating. you only need to get upto 90A to get close to the 5Kw mark. with a decent heatsink and some airflow its not too difficult at all. even a cheap low profile pc cooler could cool it enough to work

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