Need 10-12 AWG Silicone Flexible Wire

Need like a 2 meters, does anyone have some extra of this in EU?

I dont really want to wait too much for it to arrive from china.

Located in Croatia

Have you tried hobbyking? From their Eu warehouse?

amazon or ebay, I just got 300 meters of 8 AWG silicone from ebay.

Yes, Hobbyking can deliver pretty quick.

Lol are you planning to do your home instalations with that? How much did you pay for that?

Just ordered some on Amazon last week.

Like @bigben and @jga mentioned, hobbyking is the way, cheap and fast.

For example, here locally in a shop they take €12,50 for 1 meter 10AWG :crazy_face: At hobbyking you get 2 meters including shipping for less than €10

mostly for building some 3d printers which ive had on the get go for a while. only payed about £2.90 per meter for it so its not half bad.

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Get 10AWG not 12AWG

I already have something like 8awg on my battery need this for my phase wires only

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you and your 10awg phase wires :roll_eyes:


So What you’re telling us that you spent 870 fucking pounds on WIRE?!?


Actually I thought he meant battery wires. Phase wires don’t need to be quite as big. Still big though

once upon a time I used 14awg battery wires and 14awg phase wires

Why so thick wire?

Order from amazon prime you’ll have it like next day 10ft of Black 10ft red for 10quid


I order all that stuff from amazon and get all kinds of gauges to stock up on…gotta keep a wire box full, lol

Amazon is a no go for me

That’s what Evolve is doing. And i think the phase leads on like every hub i’ve seen are 16awg, i’m pretty sure even the Raptor’s phase leads are 16awg.

I use 12awg throughout my builds, battery and all, but they’re running 60amp BMSs, not 240 amp BMSs like @b264 apparently. lol I also have very short wire runs, so it matters less.

I may start using 14awg phase leads on my motors just for wire management purposes, but not likely. 12 on the phase leads is way overkill, i do it more for aesthetics than any real need for it. I really like they way they look.