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Need 10s BMS with min 40a continuous

Anyone have an extra BMS they would be willing to sell?
I need one with at least 40amp continuous capability.
Having a tough time getting one from China.

Wasn’t @paragon selling a 50a bms?

That was like 20a continuous. 50a max.

The one he’s selling has a max working current of 20a

The one I’d love to get my hands on is the Bestech HCX-D223V1
it has a built in switch and 80a continuous
I’d be willing to pay premium for one of those right now.

I ordered a bms from battery supports in June but it got rejected at customs and they say when it’s returned to them, they will contact me to either issue a refund or re-ship it. Frustrating!
I would rather have the Bestech because of its design anyway.
I sent an email to Bestech but still waiting for an answer.
Too bad they don’t have ordering set up on their website.

Mine has an over current shutoff of 100amps, 20a continuous.

I know and I would take it except the 20a cont limitation has me concerned that I’ll burn it up because I’ll be pulling 22-24amps going up long hills.
It seems strange that it’s max cont current is 20a but the protection doesn’t kick in till 100a.
Seems like you could burn it up and not activate protection.
Am I missing something here?

Uploading… I have this from Aliexpress: 10S rated @ 60A continous / 120A peak I paid 36€, would sell it for 20€ + shipping. Never used, i just don’t like the size.

where are you located?

EU :spaghetti: :wine_glass:

Make and model of bms?
I’m in California so how much would shipping be?

Sry no pics, but here^^ link
The 3 star rating is mine, only 3 cause it took long time to arrive, i didn’teven use this :smiley:
No idea what shipping could be, i assume about 15€ :confused:

There’s a temperature cutoff to stop that from happening.

I sent you a PM.
Did you get it?

I could need a BMS or two too.
Does anyone have a spare one?