Need a box for electronics for Trampa

I need a place to put my battery and ESC, I just can not find a nice box that will fit me, also still not sure if I will go with lipo or liion, I didnt find much builds with boxes, all have fancy enclosures Im not going with enclosure since I think the deck just flexes too much under me and I do not want to risk my battery going up in flames Do you have any recommendations? Also should I put the ESCs in a different box near the motors because VESS long wires and shit is not the best if Im right?

Im using a b&w 500 outdoor box for the batterie and Im very much pleased with it. If I was to use vescs I would go with a 206 ultrabox uk.

To give you an idea of the hight of the box imo its pleasing to the eye


You can get an ultrabox for about €15 black with a clear lid, very water impermeable

I use an Underwater Kinetics 408 Ultrabox on mine. Plenty of room for cells and electronics, though I guess that really depends on what your final battery configuration will be.

I used the UK ultrabox 408 and 206.


Im thinking of 10s4 or 5p

This one looks really nice! I guess 54cells?

Cool! I use LiPo’s so I’m not sure on Li-ion. You’d have to math it out.

yes 54 cells in 6s 9p you could fit way more than that without the spacers

60cells without spacers and a bms? Like the big bestech one 3cm thick 20x15cm?

should work just fine but just to be on the safe side draw it on paper and then see if it fits I have never seen a bms in person…

You might struggle with 60 cells and a bestech in the untra box. I’m not saying for sure but it will be very tight. This is the fit in my box and it’s with a much smaller bms


Be aware that mounting such a nice xt90 on top for easy loop key acces is gonna be tricky when a crash happens. If you board rolls over and slides over the ground the loop key thingy will fly of in a second.

Thats why im going with a bms and a onoff switch

Can it fit on top?

Ah yes. I had thought about the different options. I’m in bindings and heel straps so being able to cut the board if there were any problems was a must.

It 100% won’t fit in the sides with 60 cells. It may go on top but i think it will be quite tight.

Someone must have done it/tried before

I have just realized that I can get a 12s 32AH lipo battery for some 240$… 4x 6s multistar 16Ah that is like 1400wh

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I got one of those boxes on the trampa board at the begining of the tread that I could give you