Need a focbox EU

Pmd a few people who might still have them, they are not responding for now so thats why Im making this thread

Maybe someone has some spares wich he doesnt need or something…

I should have some within a week

I got two focboxes with 30km-isch to sell - at the moment with dead can chip - but I got replacement. But they work fine with split y-ppm-cable.

Do you have any extra can chip? I need 2 to fix 2 vesc 4.12.

Nope I just bought 3 CAN Chips - just in case I will fry one.

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I have an unused one for sale :slight_smile:

Sry to hijack but if @Acido already got the stuff he need and there are focboxes left I would like to buy!

I got what I needed hijack the thread all you want

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