Need a Li-ion BMS for 8S4P battery pack

I found this on HobbyKing, its deceptivly cheap. Does anyone see an issue with it? Im using samsung 30Q batteries.

any other recommendations are welcomed. Thanks

Edit: this one seems better. Im not fond of the gague of the wires though…

They have different voltage. The second one is for lifepo4. Both of them have very low amp discharge. Unless you plan to bypass the pack aim for 60 amps continuous discharge.

Luckily i didnt pull the trigger. I found this 10S instead. The reason i was initially looking for an 8S was because the BMS i had prior was HUGE and took up too much space. This one is MUCH better size wise.

Looks good?

Actually i bought one of those. Didn’t weld the pack yet. So i dunno but It was upvoted. I have great expectations about It. Small and waterproof sounds good. Again…aim for 60 amps. IMG_20180628_1805007535314901710049251

Mine is 60amps

crap, so the one i bought was only 25 amps. Do you have the link to the 60 AMP one?

Much appreciated, do you know which 60A i should get the “common port” or the “seperate port”

Up to you. Same port saves you some work but different ports can have advantages. I got same port this time.

I dont even know what the difference is? whats the common port verses seperate?

I use this one for charge and discharge up to 60a

Little pricier but I think its worth for the peace of mind for charge and discharge balance

Charge and discharge. B P C vs B P One less wire to solder

thanks a lot for your help. I want the seperates, BPC