Need a motor first build ever

Hey guys,

This is my first build so very new to this any help will be appreciated. So I went with the enertion mono Drive kit and there vesc. I also have 3 3s 5500 35c batteries and I’m going to put into series. I now need a motor I order the sk3 6463 245kv a few months ago but it’s not in and HK basically said have your money back and won’t send me a motor since they are still on backorder the everlasting joke. So I’m an ex college football player so I’m build big I’m 6’8 hover around 305-320 on my bad weeks. What motor would you guys say that I should get. I got care about going 30+mph 14-20 mph works just fine for me.

Again Thank you guys so much hope to run into anyone that build their own board around SD.

You should be running a dual motor setup more powa! :fearful:

I was thinking that was way to much powa even at 50% efficiency it will be about 34mph. I feel like I’ll die haha

You’d gear for less speed and more torque, especially for your weight (man you’re tall)! You should go duals for sure and gear for 3:1 if you don’t want to go too fast. For 9s just stick with 150-200kv motors. What ESC will you be using?

enertion vesc is what I have on order and should have shipped out by now. I geared 2.4:1 since I got the the kit from enertion. What would you think is the best 150kv-200kv motor?

I’d definitely go dual, in real world you won’t ever hit those speeds due to efficiency loss. Power coming from both sides just feels a lot more even as well, specially when turning hard. If you want two BIG motors, you can do a dual diagonal set up. That will give you all the torque you need even at your weight. You also should look at a deck that can withstand that weight.

How about 2 6374 motors from torqueboards? Or you can use enertions 6374s? These will need to be in a dual diag set up though from my understanding, but you can ask @torqueboards what he recommends for a 300+ lb guy. He may have a different suggestion than mine.

SK3’s are good choice. The 149kv is pretty popular around here. 6374’s (either enertion or sk3) are good as well. Running them in dual diag will ensure it can take you up steeper hills. I’m running dual diag myself with 5065 motors and I actually like how they balance the board a bit better.

I got ya I got a deck one of my buddies works at a skateshop in Huntington Beach so I got a deck that is 8ply maple that can hold 350lb. That’s motors are massive with my batteries 9s 5500amh 35c what type of range do you think I’ll be able to get out of it.

I live in a very flat part of San Diego so the hills shouldn’t be a major problem do you think a solo would work on flat ground with the weight and height issue?

A single 6374 may work, but you’d be pulling a lot of amps through it. It’d be better to share the load. If you’re sure you want to run a single, I might get 1 more 3s battery and run in 12s with a 149kv motor to lower the amp draw. You could expect about 20-24 km of range given a 5.5AH battery @ 12s.

To calculate range…

Figure out your battery’s volts and capacity

Then do…

Volts x capacity (in amp hours…so 5500 amh would be 5.5 ah)

This will you give Watt hours, Divide by 10 to get your range in KM.

So my mind set is that I’m in the last year of college and money is a little tight and I already have dumped 600$ into this so I’m worried dropping another 300$ into it. I would like to do duel right now but I don’t have 500$ extra I could do the paypal credit thing with no internist for 6 months but I hate living outside of my means.

And divide by 2 if you live in San Francisco, haha

I hear you, just try to get another 3s as mentioned above to make it 12s. It’ll be better for your motor in the long run.

I’ve been looking for that calculation for weeks now thank you so much I’m cool with 24km.

I’ll order it right now. Thank you guys so much for your help hate to ask you for one more thing but I don’t see any premade 4 male to one female series connectors I’m going guess I need to build it right or is their people in this group that builds them and sell them?

these are all luxury items haha, no need to go outside your means just to get dual motors. First world problems.

P.S. I have a 9 ply maple deck, pretty sure I could put an elephant on it and it will be okay.

I’m sure you can get one of the community members to make it for you. Dexter from will probably take the commission. Otherwise if you’re comfortable soldering, they’re not too hard to make.

I’ve never have done soldering before (Jews are not good at manual labor haha). I was thinking they shouldn’t be to hard but I might mess it up and burn down my house. :slight_smile:

Alright guys thanks for your help have a goodnight.