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Need a super reliable ESC/Brushles motor combo

Hi all,

I am having major issues sourcing a 2 motor set up for my MBS. My requirements are:

-Corded throttle control. Let it be known that cordless vehicle controls are against federal law in the US. I live near NYC so radio is impossible. I cant put my life and that of other peoples at risk over a run away board. Besides NYPD is impounding wireless boards right now thanks to all the hipsters with the runaway Boosted/other hipster boards who refuse to use a lanyard.

-Must be a 36-38v system. I run a 36v-20ah pack.

-Must be durable for off road use Its going to get dirty.

-Must be reliable. I have over 11k miles on my board right now. It has never ever broken down on me. I moved to chain early so other then a flat tire here and there I have had zero issues. I drive my board every single day weather permitting to and from work and any place around town I have to go. I average about 10-15 miles a day. On weekends I strap it on my enduro and take it into the woods for some fun here and there. I dont mind paying good money for good parts. My board is an electric vehicle that I rely on every day.

-My set up now will do 28-30mph with me on it running a single brushed 1000w. My average speed is between 20-26mph in most cases. It has to have enough juice to move my 270# at those speeds without turning into a toaster. Im not all that crazy about fast take offs. I drive in and with traffic a lot so my power range really needs to be between 20-26mph with a bit of head room.

I have stayed on my brushed setup because between the quality brushed motor and the PG Drive controller its as reliable as it gets. However Its time for me to graduate to a lighter setup. My knees are not what they once where and popping my brushed motor off the ground has become painfull for me. Sadly sourcing these new parts has been a giant pain in the butt. I have burned a few hobby king ESCs. Turnigy is off the list. Those motors turn to toast with me on them. Clearly not designed for EV applications by any measure.

So thats the entire story. I am open to anything thats corded and reliable.

Luckily, E-boards aren’t vehicles…Wireless controls are not illegal

wired control is heaps easier and cheaper though.

vesc can be controlled via wire.

I know this :wink:

oh wait… that wasn’t for me… it was for NJEV

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States are different but NJ and NY specifically state any vehicle with a motor propelling it is a motor vehicle and is subject to DMV rules. They define it the same way the federal gov does.

Federal law specifically defines a motorized vehicle the same way. Any vehicle propelled by a motor. Wireless controls are strictly forbidden on any and all vehicles transporting living beings of any kind. This includes electric skateboards. Any lawyer will tell you this is the case. Reasons are obvious.

Until our boards have vin numbers, legally, in any room, they aren’t vehicles.

Clown? I build boards for recreation because it’s fun to longboard. I’ve been boarding for over 30 years. The vehicle relationship you are so attached to is only in question because of last mile marketing. And it’s guys like you that are going to fuck it all up for the rest of us!
Troll? F this post has been edited

Lol like we always use to say…“Everything is legal … As long as you don’t get caught.”

I’ve never seen anyone get slapped with a few thousand dollar fine… infact, I don’t think I know of anyone here (from the U.S.) that got in any sort of trouble with police.

I beleive they have told @Hummie to slow down or pulled him over in san fran, but I don’t think it was over a wireless controller. Heck, people ride Boosted boards all over the place and they aren’t getting drilled for having wireless controllers…

@psychotiller is a legit member, and a moderator- by no means is he a “clown” or trying to troll your thread.

It’s not that I don’t doubt your legal backing, its just that I don’t think a single cop really cares (or even knows) that electric skateboards can’t have wireless controllers… I haven’t even heard that before, and have been buiding eboards for years.

There also is a whole thread about legalities here:

Don’t call @psychotiller a clown. He has contributed so much you don’t even know. Don’t come onto this forum and call him a troll and say bad things about him. That’s not how we work.

lolol the hell is this bull i ride mine on a military base, one of the biggest training bases for MILITARY POLICE. not one has said shit to me and some even freak out about how cool it is.

Thanks guys and girl😁 . Bottom line, metro, boosted, altered, exskate, enertion, evolve, ego, and countless other manufacturers are legally selling their completes, online and in stores such as fry’s electronics. All are wireless.
Hmmmm…I do smell clown shoes in this thread, but I ain’t wearing them .

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this forum doesnt tolerate calling people names. even clown might be offensive to some people. so please try not to name call. maybe edit your post.

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I love the word FUCK, and i use it a lot… but lets try not to directly use it towards others, maybe consider changing that post.

example of offensive & acceptable use of the word fuck.

“I don’t like you —fuck you!” This may offend somone because it’s very direct and insulting so try not to use it that way unless you really fucking have too…
“I’m tired of waiting. Fuck it, let’s get out of here” This still might offend some people but its not directed at someone, its used as an interjection instead of a verb.

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Yeah fuck it. I’ll fucking edit it.


No @onloop you aren’t giving him the freedom of speech he deserves, he’s in 'Merica and here we can say fuck you to anyone, cops even. Honestly @psychotiller had cause for his post. Fuck that guy and fuck his laws. If you are pulled over buy a cop, longboarding isn’t illegal, so its almost unenforceable.

@delta_19 Shemale? I didn’t know we lived in Thailand

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