Need advice about buying a DIY board from someone

Hey, I’m quite new to the DIY scene and I was wondering if anyone with DIY experience could take a look at this build and determine if it’s worth my 300eur and one and a half hours drive. The following is stated about the board: Motor: SK3-320kV (max 2220W) Battery: 6S Lipo 22.2V 10Ah 222Wh (max 200A continue) Motor controller: Boat ESC (max 120A continue) Remote: BadWolf GT2B controller. Seller , like most here, seems like a very nice guy so I kinda do trust him.

The board can also be found here:

My aim is to use this board casually and when I’m more used to DIY maybe upgrade it.

Should I buy this and build upon or just put that 300eur in my own DIY fund? Any advice about the compontents of this board are very much appreciated!

320kv is a bit much and won’t have heaps of torque. And the boat ESC won’t have good brakes (if not any). 300 EURO sounds ok though, you could change the motor to a lower kv (245 is good for 6s) and change to a car esc or vesc.

Or you could build your own (most fun)

My 0.02 cents

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Thank you for the response! When getting a vesc do i need to make sure it is for 6s, because with most vesc I see a battery setup noted aswel?

You can use 6-10s with the vesc

It actually looks very nice. But I have had only bad experiences with boat esc’s. And with that motor you’re just fine with flat ground, despite that it isn’t ideal kv.
My first board was almost like this but I used 260kv motor and spend money aprox. 350 dollars. So if you have time and intrest to do it by yourself, then do it, but in the other case this is good choise.

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Thank you for the reply:)! I live in the Netherlands so flat will do. I guess I’ll switch to a VESC asap when I notice the boat esc doesnt suffice or isn’t safe enough.

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Biggest problem with boat esc is braking. They are so bad that basicly it doesn’t have any brakes.

Man don’t wait for it change it directly, you are talking about your life there. Esk8t Are death machines without right protection and right brakes !

Why don’t you just save a little more money and build a good one, all you have to build is one, im currently building mine with all new parts w/a turnigy sk3 6473 motor and a Vesc, all for under 400 USD. just waiting on charger and mini controller which arrives next week.