Need advice for my first DIY build from scratch


So im gonna build a board and would like to hear the opinion so far on the parts i have chosen, I mostly ride on ok isch pavement and looking for a little bit more torque compared to WowGo 2s i currenty have

Change flipsky motor to one from forum vendors to 6374 if going single.

If you have a sanyo already, get another one and connect in parallel for less sag, more range. Go regular caliber 2, 44/50° 10inch. Go with 15mm belts You can’t use wowgo remote, only with it ESC. You’ll need a gt2b/nanoX/mini/hoyt, etc. Focbox. If not, torqueboards ESC or Hobbyking esk8 ESC.

should probably edit that its going to be dual drive, but your saying the 1 sanyo isnt enough? then it might be just better getting a completely new one i guess, also im not sure about the deck option either since im kinad new to longboarding only ever owning 2 of them

For dual, 40 cells minimum. Deck depends on speed or comfort. Check build threads, to get an idea

how many cells does the 1 sanyo battery have?

Its 10s2p=20

Ok ty so you think that 2 of them would be enough power for dual motors in a build like this?

Specifically 2x 10s2p sanyo 20700b, then yes.

Get a Mini Remote or Benchwheel

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You could probably go dual on a set of caliber is you went with small belts like 9mm BKB has a awesome sale on 6354 motors on black friday.

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As far as I know, you’d better use ESC and remote together. If you use Wowgo remote, then use their ESC too.

You must use them together, they only work with each other. Also a good deal on pulleys below

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Updated the picture help appricated still. I dont really know what deck i want since i would like to mount the motors on the outside