Need Advice on BMS


I have been riding without a bms for a few months since I finished my first build. I want to install a bms so I don’t have to remove my batteries to charge and so I can charge from one port. Can anyone advise on a good bms to get? My setup is 12S (4x3s 8000mah Zippy Filightmax) and I have 2 6355 motors.

Also, can someone advise on a good charger? I want to keep the bms and charger below $150, but idk what to pay for a quality bms.


I suggest diebie bms or bestech one You can find them both here

Do you recommend going over 60 amps or is a 60 amp bms adequate?

I have a 60A SuPower bms in my build, same specs as yours. I weigh 150lbs and come close to 60A on super high acceleration, so if you are heavier than me, I would advise 80A.

I’m about 190lbs so I think I’ll go with 80 amps. Really appreciate the advice!

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Of course! Keep in mind it will probably sustain burst current of a bit higher, but might as well be safe!

I’ve been looking for a place to buy a 12s 80 or 100A BMS for over 2 weeks now and I can’t where to buy them anywhere! Bestech doesn’t have a place that I can buy a single BMS and SuPower is currently not taking orders.

Can anyone help me out? I would love to organize a group buy from Bestech if I can find enough people that are interested.

I am having a bunch of 10s and 12s liion/Lipo BesTech BMS’s shipped to me as we speak. Price will be cheaper than a Group Buy as I purchased in bulk.

Will be on my website and if you want first dibs I can sign you up on my mailing list, just PM me your email to get notified when they are available.


Hey I am definitely interested! This is my first time using a BMS so I am a little worried about figuring out how to set it up once I get it.I have a 2 motor setup so I am thinking I might have to bypass the bms to avoid throttling.

Any links to help set it up would be greatly appreciated.

my email is [email protected]