Need broken 6374 eskating motors for shaft

I have a 6374 eskating motor with a broken shaft. Eskating is being really difficult about replacing the shaft even though it’s under warranty. I just need an 8mm shaft for a 6374 motor. The motor can be demolished as long as the shaft is in excellent condition. I’m located in the US.


Those are rebranded maytech motors. Maybe you can get a shaft from them or @hyperIon1 can help you to get in contact with maytech. I think he has a good connection to them.

pics please, if we had some dimensions of what needs to be replaced I’m sure we can do something for you I actually have a 6374 with a burnt out hall sensor, shaft in perfect condition. I was going to send it back for repairs, but if I can get cost out of it, instead of spending money to ship it to China, I would do that.


I need two 50mm motor mounts. And I have two working 6374 with shafts. Tradesies?

@AdamE3399 might have a hobby king sk3 6374 motor that he could sell, just pm him

Sk3 shaft might be too long.

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Okay 10char

Thats odd i though sk3 motors had shorter shafts than most motors?

image Sk3 is 6mm longer

Rebranded Maytech’s? I’ll have to get ahold of them and see if they have anything. J0ker3366 sorry I don’t have any spare motor mounts. I should probably get some though huh?:yum:

Does this look similar? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yep, exactly

Doesn’t that not matter? Won’t he just have a longer shaft if all the other dimensions are correct?

No, because his circle clip will not hold the bell in the right position. You could add some washer or something to close the gap, but that’s not ideal solution if the gap is that big.

Shaft collar instead of c clip? They’re more secure so I use them

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:thinking: that should work than.

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