Need Enclosure Help!

Hi guys! I’m building my first board, and need a pretty affordable enclosure. Please leave suggestions.

What country you in?

Ohio in America

There’s plenty of usa vendors…use the search forum,no need for a thread!


Tupperware or sandwich containers are cheap


C’mon man Seriously?


Yeah, just PM @psychotiller or better yet go to and pick from the plethora of available options. (I should be a spokesperson :blush:)

Yes you should Mike!!

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Custom made fiberglass one is like 15$ in materials if you wish to diy

Sounds great! I’ll send you $25 to cover shipping. Will you send me everything I need to make a proper fiberglasss enclosure?


Just keep it simple and order from @psychotiller!!


I already ordered one

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Cool, how much polyester you need and how thick you want the sheets to be, i paid 2liters of polyester 10$ and about 5$ ( still got left about half a meter square left,check out my thread )sheets, idk whats it called in English When Im buying next time ill make sure to take a pic of the receipt!

I’m more curious if the actual cost including your mold and other supplies needed to make a decent fiber glass enclosure, You know, with a nice finish is really possible? Have any pics of a nice $15 enclosure?


Didnt finish it yet, my mold is from wood and regular packaging tape Sanding paper and paint is a bit more