Need ESC advice for AT tires/belt motors

I got these wheels and motors:

I want an ESC for these motors that’ll allow me to go fast! (More than my 22mph board I currently have). Possible? Please tell me which ESC to buy!

Buy x2 FocBoxes and call it a day.

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Cool. Do you know where is best to buy? Don’t know much about them but I assume there are many slightly different versions?

The FocBox is a brand of VESC, all versions are the same but you can use different firmwares. I prefer @Ackmaniac’s firmware.

You can get FocBox’s here…

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Like @mmaner said get Focboxes and call it a day. If you can wait order a unity it will be more compact and hande more power than 2 individual Focboxes.

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Or look on the enertion website. Think they still on sale for 120$ or something. I read if you put them in you chart in your account and wait some minutes they even sent you a discount code (11%) as far as I know. But I didn’t tried it thou…