Need Evolve Gen 2 AT remote

I am currently fixing an Evolve Gen 2 AT for a friend but cannot find remotes in stock anywhere, just wondering if anyone had a spare in good condition or if anyone knew of an alternative remote that works

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Pretty sure you if you’re using an evolve esc, you have to use evolve remote but don’t quote me in that… probably check evolve website??

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I have 2 R2 remote’s for sale. They have both a firmware update :slight_smile:

Thanks for the responces but the r2 remote doesnt work with evolve gen 2, does anyone have an evolve gen 2 remote in good condition?

Hi there did you ever manage to find the Gen 2 remote if so where did you get one I need to does anyone know where there is one

Still have the remotes?

I have an gen 2 remote for sale with reciever,gen2 truck hangers, gen2 motor and esc with power switch. I’m asking 100AUD, I’m located in Sydney, can ship for your expense.


Hey there! Do you still have the gen 2 remote for sale?

I have one of those if you still need. Pm me or reply and I’ll get in touch with ya if yaneed

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I messaged you back through email but not sure if that worked. My name is Nate [email protected] Phone 1+208-890-0347 I need an evolve gen 2 remote for sure Are you in the USA? Can you send me a picture of it and how much you wanted?

Is this still available?

Hi mate is this still available?

Im not sure which remotes these are, but they are for sale if you need.

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