Need help, battery drains from vesc program

Hi everyone, i need some help wirh programing my vesc. i have a bicycle battery 36V 10A, after my vesc settings. my skateboard stops after 5min , everythings turns off ( no power). my 190kv motor or vesc is not worm, wen i measure the pattery its 4.99V. can any one help me out to see if my settings is ok , greets Olaf from Holland photo vesc settings:v1 v2 v3 v4 v5

That ebike pack probably has internal bms with low current capacity (something like 10A)

Try setting low current for vesc.

Only other option would be to connect more packs in parallel or get different battery.

Also - does battery "turn on’ again when u switch off vesc/board or only when u try to charge the board?