NEED HELP! Board won’t turn on

Any help would be appreciated. So here’s my build, diyeboard dual belt drive kit. V2.1 Dual Belt Motor FOC ESC with custom battery 10s3p 8.7ah Korean LG MG1 2900mah. Upon setting up the board and tested on smooth road it runs fine, until going through a bump on asphalt pavement the board shuts down and wouldn’t turn on. Board was fully charged. What seems to be the problem?

image image

Go through the list of what could be wrong: Is there voltage from the battery? Is the antispark plugged in all the way? Are the other connectors plugged in all the way? Is there voltage to the ESC? Does the ESC show any signs of life? etc

Yes there’s voltage on the battery (40.1V), anti spark plug in all the way, every connectors are plugged in correctly, when disconnecting battery and ESC xt60 there was voltage on ESC but goes down to 0V over time, there’s life on ESC. I’m guessing problem is battery or BMS?

If you’ve got voltage to the ESC, I’d guess it’s an issue with the ESC.

If it cutt off durring a bump and you don’t visually see a loose connection with ur hardware then the problem is most likely a broken weld or a week series connection inside the battery between the cells.

lol @ the shred or die sticker, i guess your board chose to die. :joy:


How do you define a faulty ESC? Picture below shows no voltage image|375x500


Could be. I’ll have to check

Does this mean when you have the ESC plugged in it has voltage, but when you disconnect it the voltage goes down slowly, or that the voltage goes down while it’s plugged in?

When I disconnect voltage goes down slowly

Remote got unpaired? Maybe try pairing the remote again?

Yeah, that’s normal. Capacitors. If the voltage dropped while plugged in, I’d suspect BMS. But it doesn’t, so I suspect ESCs.

I don’t think so. If the board wouldn’t turn on how will the remote pair

So when it’s plugged in, board turns on runs fine. Over bumps it shuts off. Then I have to repeat the whole process again of plugging and unplugging the xt60 to have the board running.

I should probably do that test, voltage drop when plugged in

Update I tested voltage drop when plugged in and it maintained at 40.1V. Is this the ESC problem then?

That would be my guess. Only real way to be 100% sure unless you can see a physical defect anywhere, is to start swapping parts. Swap the ESCs, and see if it works. If not, then it’s probably the battery. Swap the battery, and see if it works. If not, then it’s probably something else. Basically, think yourself up a flowchart of everything that has to go right for the board to work, and start replacing one chunk at a time until the problem goes away.