Need help choosing a power pack

I already have a N5065 270kv motor with a max of 8S (29.6V) using 70mm wheels with 48 tooth wheel gear and 16 tooth motor gear and I plan to buy a Maytech Vesc but I’m unsure on what to do about batteries . I will be using 18650 batteries but what is the highest cell rating i can use ?. the Maytech Vesc can go upto 12s but is limited by the 8s limit of the motor. so is the maximum I can use 8s? I have been looking around for an answer on here and people keep talking about a “chart” for the Vesc but I am unable to find any kind of “chart”. I just dont want to go buy a battary pack thats way to “high” and burn out the Vesc or motor I want to go as FAST AS POSSIBLE with the stuff i have/going to get . as I have made a programmable transmitter and receiver and will limit the speed threw the transmitter code. I just want to be able to go faster if i wanted to without having to buy new stuff/ batteries .

With that motor, you’re stuck at 8s. If you want more power, you’ll need a bigger motor to handle a more powerful battery pack.

In terms of speed, that’s mainly affected by your gearing - wheel size, pulley size, etc, unless you change your motor or battery.

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what if i was to limit the vesc? could I put on 12s pack with the same motor but limit the speed as if using a 8s ? or is the voltage the problem ? because then i could make a 12s battary and when I have the money for a new motor i could just swap it out and de restrict the vesc ??

I’ve heard of people doing that, but I’m not sure how safe and/or effective it is - I’ve never tried. One thing I would be worried about is if you’re going down a hill, you may accidentally overspeed the motor and damage the vesc.

I’m also not sure I’d trust a Maytech vesc at 12s. The most I’d personally run on one of those is 10s.

I’d also recommend going to and experiment with your numbers, see what you come up with.

Just rewire the motor and you’ll get a lower kv, then you can run 12s.