Need help choosing ESC motor

I have 2 6S 10C 5200 mAh batteries that are connected in parallel. I am not going for the fastest speed but hoping to get about 20 Km out of it. I was maybe looking for a VESC my budget is around $200 USD for esc and motor i can go over a bit more.

VESC typically are around $100 Motor - 60-120 (DIYes, Enertion have some good 63mm options) - also look for groupbuy and Maytech options for less.

Mount? That might blow your budget, so look at @korryh and see if he has any left? Or enertion or DIYes mounts.


i already made my own mount and i have the gears and belt. should i get the VESC BLDC Speed Controller and the Electric Skateboard Motor 6355 190KV? i have the tiny remote that I got from a group buy last year.

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does the torque boards vesc have a power button or switch on it?

As long as you don’t expect “rocket” acceleration, and are lightweight - a single motor should work great for you. Even heavier riders like me can do fine on single - just don’t expect to go up steep hills.

Sounds like a good setup.

A note on motor kv… depending on the voltage (# in series 3s, 6s, etc.) - try to stay below 10s on 190kv or you can have issues with VESC ERPM exceeding 60k (which can/will kill the DRV chip).

If you want to run your two 6s in series for 12s - you’d want the 149 or 170kv motors.

If you have an expectation of speed or hills - it would be good to know your weight and gearing to make sure you are setup correctly. Have you looked at a speed calculator yet?

Not to knock what you have, but 10c batteries are going to SAG - a lot. So when in use you will get less range. Those are giving you a “claimed” output of only 52 Amps (in parallel 104A). I typically would say 100A is my personal minimum - given it’s marketing and likely not able to actually provide the full “C” rating they claim. The higher the actual output capability - the less they will sag when being used more heavily.

To illustrate in case you aren’t familiar with “Sag”: This shows the affect on increased demand in amps from a battery (these are the venerable 18650 25R’s) - the more you ask, the less mAh/Ah you get from them, and the more they sag to a lower voltage from the demand. Plus more heat - which shortens pack life.


VESC dont come with power switches like car escs … would be nice though…but anti-spark xt90 or some type of vedder anti spark switch… or live with the POP when you connect them



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