Need help creating a 12S4P - will pay in Bitcoin (or Paypal) - your choice

I need some help and am willing to compensate you with a bit of Bitcoin, or Paypal (whichever you prefer0.

I just purchased a Trampa electric mountain board (beast of a board). I am getting ready to build my own 12S4P 18650 battery, using 48 * Samsung 30Q’s. The Tramps E-mountainboard comes with a case for a battery, and although 48 cells will fit within the case, they need to be laid out in a specific format (see image):

I would like to see if anyone can help me with a wiring diagram for this setup? I also need the following included in the diagram: 1): location for the 12S BMS wiring. 2): how to attach my LED battery display? 3); How to attach a ON/OFF SWITCH with ANTI SPARK? 4): The best method to charge this using a 4amp charger, found here (where to buy a connector, how to connect, etc.).: products/12s-4a-battery-charger?variant=7296823853079

I think I have most components (some have arrived, some are on the way). I already have the Spot wedler and the rest of the tools to do this, but this will be my first DIY battery, so looking for some help and willing to pay for your time ($50 in Bitcoin, or a direct payment via Paypal after completion - i’m good for it :-).

My email is [email protected].


Hey mate do you want someone to be physically there and help you or just information? I think you can get all the information you need and more here for free if you ask the right questions and back them up with pics.

edit: nevermind just read your post properly - you need a wiring diagram.

pic of your anti spark and bms pls

Here’s one for free. You’d be best served making 12 packs of 4 cells in parallel, then arranging in the following pattern so your positive and negative terminals are at the same end:

Please excuse my poor drawing skills. The middle 2 rows are underneath the top and bottom rows. I also drew a a side view.

Out of interest, why are you double stacking the cells? You could easily fit a single layer on a Trampa mountainboard by making it longer.

  1. The BMS leads should attach to the positive and negative terminals of the battery (+) and (-) on the diagram, and the balance wires go between each pack.

  2. LED battery display also attaches to the battery terminals

  3. Switch and anti spark goes in series with either the positive or negative lead from the BMS to the ESC.

  4. Charger can be attached to the BMS charge input, but I don’t know which BMS you have so I don’t know where those would be.

Check here for diagrams. There might be one you can use.

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im using the pictures of actual gear, it can help giv ideas

Thank you so much for your help - VERY much appreciated.
The battery pack and the ‘Beast Box’ (this is what Trampa calls the battery enclosure) sit on top of the deck, in between the riders feet. The reason being that this particular board is the Mountainboard version (versus the street or urban version). The E-Mountainboard is designed to go anywhere (rocks, etc.), so clearance at the bottom of the deck is important when off-roading.

Can you double check that I have this right (see image)? Also, for the 12 groups of four cels, do I spot weld all four together like I have done in the diagram?

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Hi, here is the Anti Spark ON/OF switch:

And here is the 12S BMS:


Yeh, I woke up this morning to you and one other person offering to help for free, AMAZING! I am planning to do the work myself, but want to make sure I dont fry 48 expensive batteries by wiring them together incorrectly, so I am looking for a wiring diagram to help me. I posted pics of the BMS and Anti Spark on/off switch below. Thank you again!

PS: If my batteries are Samsung 30Q 15amp, will a 60amp BMS do, or can I go higher (120amp)?

No you can go max of 80A, 30q run cooler at 60A though. A 80A bms would be a good Choice.

Your parallel arrangement looks wrong to me, in parallel all four cells positive terminals should only be touching positive terminals. There should be no positive negative connection in 4 parallel cells.

Yes, everything but the parallel pack is right. Each set should be 4 in a row batteries all facing the same way - all the positive terminals together and all the negative. At the top right end you will have a 4 long 2 high set of battery ends that need connecting, on the left it will be a 1 high 8 long set and then on the bottom right you will have another 4 long 2 high. So in total the pack will be 3x8x2 batteries.

30Qs can do around 20 amps safely, so 80 amps is good :slight_smile:

Their spec sheet says a single cell can do 80Amps lol but that isn’t continuos. Highly wouldn’t recommend it but take a look here

Lots of good info there.

This is what you need to do, just repeat the step until you have 12 lots. Ignore the writing and stuff.


  1. get some pure and thicc nickel strip

  2. make sure your welds really stick

  3. weld and fold your packs like this twice to get your desired form. Dont forget to weld the solder tabs for bms wires before folding.

  1. Connect like this


Hey this is amazing - very clear and easy to follow. Thank you!

So would you suggest sticking with the 60amp BMS over the 80?

Will this charger work okay with the battery pack, and do you know where I can buy the connection for the battery to connect to that charger?