(need help) DIY 6s5p what types of battery and bms?

Hey guys I want to build a 6s5p battery, I was thinking about using Samsung 30Q. Can i use them? Should i go with a low amp bms and bypass it or buy a high amp bms? Think i am going to use this charger http://www.batterysupports.com/liion-lipo-252v-222v-2a-6s-wall-socket-battery-charger-ac-dc-p-135.html

My setup is 6355 260 kv motor and vesc 4.12 from diyelectricskateboard

What do you guys think??

If you want the full protection benefit of the bms and you have room for it, get a high amp bms and don’t bypass. If you just want to balance charge and space is limited and you have a way of monitoring battery voltage while riding, get a smaller bms and bypass.

But in either case get a quality name brand like Bestech or Supower

How many amp do you think the bms need if I choose not to bypass it? 5 30Q cells in parallel is 75 amp, so i 80 amp bms?

60a would do for a street board but 80a would do better. The Bestech have a built in E-switch The Supower don’t

Do you have a link? and thank you Can a do a dual motors later with this setup or is that just stupid ?

It will handle dual drive


That is a 10s bms and that will work with 6 cell battery?

yep, you just wont wire up the other 4.