Need help for best setting dual e-mtb

@FredrikHems where can I find these formulas to calculate my speed needs? Can you post them on here?

You can use websites like that does all of the calculating for you.

thanks ! but yes i already use the calc in the past but i was there to search the best setting for the vesc with 8inch wheel is very different from the 90mm skateboard from most people on this forum

Hi fred , can you tell me about erpm setting . l have this in my ppm configuration and one in motor configuration thanks

I am not 100% sure on what you mean… Do you mean that there is 2 places to enter the max erpm?

Yes there 2 place

Mhm… I am not an expert at the vesc, so I guess you will have to ask some others… @JohnnyMeduse might know?

This one. But where that check mark is make sure it’s unchecked. If you leave it checked like the picture it will apply brakes when it hits the RPM limit which is bad when you’re moving fast.

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Thanks you sorry for my late reply! And what beautiful place you live! Its my dream to go there and maybe never come back to canada :joy: so if i set a lower value the top speed will also reduce ? Thanks

Yes. The lower the erpm it will limit your top speed

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Yeah. Make sure you set it for both vesc. Test to see how top speed is then change if necessary

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Are these split in half for each motor ? Or do you put this setting per motor ?

I run those settings on each motor.

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