Need Help for FocBox dual setup

Hey there, i definitely need your help! i have 2 FocBox (Enertionboards) 2 Motors (6355) from and 1 Battery (12s5p) from i dont know how to put the setup together. i really need a detailed manual because i`ve already broke the vesc once

I’m sorry, but it just sounds like you’re too lazy to go through the forum. There are loads of tutorials here at your disposal, do give them a read. No one has the time to babysit you through your build…

Sorry again if this was too harsh.


Look in old threads there tutorial videos on YouTube. You can also make your own setup and post pictures here so that we can look if you on the right way.

You joined in april 17 and have read for 1 hour. Yet you expect us to take time out to help you? Help us help you my friend and get reading. Its all here.

i looked today and yesterday in the forum for about 16 hours now. i didnt find the correkt manual for my setup.

i have more than one account. you dont need to help if you dont want to…

then I have even less reason to help or trust you now. Good luck.

i did search about 7 hours on this account

i have one account on my laptop and one from my brother i use only on the way

If you want to build an electric skateboard then this is the place to come. Saying that its not a school, Its an amalgamation of knowledge much like a library. Its a community built on trust and mutual respect, that respect being that we help each other and I am helping you right now. Read, learn and when you get stuck come here and ask your questions.


@FeithNR, @dareno s words a rough but not wrong. I think everything got wrong by how you formulated your question. There is a difference between… idk what to make, help me on a topic which was discussed 5million time And Look guys I made this setup according to what I read in the threads till now… i‘m still not sure if it’s correct, so please could somebody double check my settings… I have Dual single bla bla motors My battery is a bla bla I use vescs with hw xy in split ppm Here some screenshots of my settings out of the vesc tool…

i think i did follow the instructions of the Vesc Tool but the motor dont spin if i pull the trigger. my question is what possibly can i did wrong. maybe my english is just not good and i turned a view words so to say… if you can imagine what a beginner might do wrong pls write me.

a friend advised against it because otherwise have your data and they would probably use for advertising mail and lie that. have you maybe other ideas?

What? 10char

If your motor not spin you forget to do the motor detection or your remote is not paired or not right calibrated

Yes. Sell your focbox and buy the eBay esc substitute. Plug and play.


Use the VESC tool setup wizard, it will guide you to get the parameters properly without screwing it up.

I would say vesc tool setup wizard it will step you through everything you have to do motor detection first then set up your remote write to vesc done. You will need some sort of anti spark key between your battery and vesc. That is probably why you blew the other vesc also you will need to power on both vesc at the same time

List all components being used, including type of remote and how you have it connected (split PPM, Canbus).

Pictures of your setup can help us help you. It could be something simple like a loose connection or incorrect connection. Moreso, I’d your pictures are good we can see if there are burned out components, error lights, etc.

Screen shots of your VESC tool or BLDC to settings help us determine if you went wrong in the programming, and we can refer you to appropriate threads or see where you may have misunderstood.

People are doing this for fun and for the love of building. Respect that.