NEED HELP: How to Balance a 10S8P (Longboard Project Dualmotor)

Hey guys i need your help

i need to balance a 10S8P pack i played with the idea of a BMS but the problem is the 120A discharge current. (180 peak)

Parts i use:

  • (2x) Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6354-260KV Brushless Outrunner Motor (2,35 KW each)
  • (1x) Alien 120A 2-12S V4 Factory ESC HV Twin
  • INR 1850 Cells (100pcs) 3000mAh 20-30A discharge

if i missed some information, just tell me xD

thx for your help guys :slight_smile:

. . . DOCUMENTATION of the board started, follow if u like to :sunny: :

You could bypass the discharge on BMS due to your vet high current and just use it for charging. @thisguyhere I think is selling bestech charge only BmS for like $30. Ask him


I mean unless you want to spend a ton of money on a 10s balance Charger. I wouldn’t do that though. A bms is much cleaner and cheaper. Just takes some research and some time to wire everything up.

Also if I’m not mistaken you only need 90 cells for a 10s8p battery: 10 cells in series, 8 parallel sets, 90 cells I think. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

thx for ur reply, i think that the way of using it only to charge is the way to go.

ps acually 10 times 8 is 80 cells, so the drive system is powered by 80 cells there are 20 additional cells (10S2P) for other systems on the board like light and gps systems (just for fun) btw this could also be used as backup

When you use 20 cells for different stuff do not make a 10s2p. you would have to use buck converters which lowers the Efficiency. imo i would Analyse what voltage i use for my different stuff and make a pack that compares to it


Yeah u got to check all of the specs for whatever ur hooking ur batteries up to to make sure u don’t put took much voltage into them

Or you could use this BMS from Aliexpress, I think @bimmer got a few and was willing to let 1 go!

That’s not correct. eight times ten is eighty

Use a 3S1P for those systems with a cell like the Samsung 35E

How many watts will the other systems be using?

I thought it’s 10 cells series plus another 80 cells for parallel. :grimacing:

Hmm, i looked at this. To me it seems to be a bit under powered. it can “handle” a discharge of 120A …
but running this at maximum capacity … mmmh actually i think if i only charge with bms and use additional safety features … this could work as good as this method for less money … what do you guys think ?

there are 100W +/- 20 for light systems and 50W for other things

the point is, that i could use the 10S2P pack as backup if i run out of juice on a long ride (calc about 60KM / 37 Miles)

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Jep actually I’ve hurt myself and will let both go.

sorry about that! hope it’s not too bad!. How is hurting yourself related to no longer needing the BMS?

I can’t fall on my Ass for a while. If I do my build I wont be able to not ride it.

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Monster and little monster for scale… lets just say I absolutely believe these can do 120A cont. :smile:

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Nothing like that. When we talk of xSyP battery configurations look at it as if it were a table with columns and rows. So 10 rows of 8 columns