NEED HELP(N5055 Motor/Focbox Unity)

Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone knows what size the connectors are on the 270KV N5055 Motors from diyeboards found at I made the mistake of purchasing a 10s5p kit from them and instead I bought a focbox unity. I was also wondering if anyone can make adapters as the motor doesn’t connect to the unity. Any help would really be appreciated, have spent way to much time and money on this and it’s extremely frustrating.

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The unity uses 3.5mm bullet connectors. either you know how to solder and change the connectors from the motors or the unity (if you do it on the unity it will void the warrenty). Or buy adapters like these. https:///collections/electrical-connectors/products/wire-extensions-4mm-to-5-5mm

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The link didn’t work :frowning: also I contacted diyeboards and this is what they replied- " The motor bullet connector size are of **3.6mm(front head)4.8mm(end)14mm(length) , male."

So what adapter would I look for?

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I am bumbed. I never use bullet connectors, always swap they for mt60. Ask your question here

https://forum./t/noob-question-thread-ask-your-questions-here/126/8143 Others should have the answer. Please also join the new forum :smile: