[NEED HELP] Picking battery for first built (36v)

Part list: Vesc: TORQUE ESC VESC Motor: TORQUE Motor 6355 190KV Wheels: Orangatang Kegel 80 mm Motor Pulley: 16t Wheel Pulley: 36t

According to CalcRC and other sources, it says the ideal voltage for this built is 36v battery. I need some help picking batteries because i know nothing about electronics. What battery should i get? How many packs? Any sources to find out how to put them “in series”? Also, let me know what you guys think about my built and if there are any adjustments i can make. Thanks a lot.

36v is the nominal voltage. The real fully charged voltage is 42v. Search “10s battery” most builds have 10s 2-4p li ion or two lipo bricks 5s in series.

You might want to consider buying a pre-made 10s battery pack. From your list it looks like your getting your motor and Vesc from
They also sell ready made battery packs. Matter of fact, they sell everything you need to build a complete E-board. Since this is your first build, a one stop shop might be the simplest solution.

what does it mean by fully charge and nominal voltage ? Will my board use 36v or 42v? How do i know if a battery’s fully charge limit?

Lithium batteries both Lithium ion and Lithium polymer register 4.2v per cell at full charge. As they deplete, their voltage drops. 3.6v is nominal for Lithium ion cell also known as Lion or Li-ion 3.7v is nominal for lithium polymer cell also known as Lipo

2.5v is minimum voltage for Lion batteries although I would not go below 2.8v with them 3.0 is minimum voltage for Lipo batteries although I would not go below 3.4v with them.

So for example, a 10s Lipo pack would be 42v full charge, 37-38v storage charge, and in need of recharging at 34v

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Nominal is discharged which is 3.6 volts a cell so in your matter if your doing 10s*p your nominal voltage would be 3.6 x 10 = 36 volt nominal voltage and charged voltage would be 4.2 volts a cell so that would be 4.2x10= 42 volts I am about to finish my first build and I got all my parts from diy electric skateboard and every thing seems to be working on my tests I just need a deck and I’m perfect I went over kill and went single 6355 190kv, Vesc, 12s4p battery from them, 90mm Flywheels and 16/36 gearing the stuff from there is in my opinion high quality I’m not sure about the Vesc but the rest seems pretty good

thanks for the info. It seems like our build are very similar.

Yeah the problem I’m having with the deck is because I want to be able to upgrade to sixshooters later

I plan on getting the “ZIPPY Compact 5000mAh 5S 25C Lipo Pack”. What do you think? Should it be alright or will it be overpowered?

I say go for like 30c or more

6355 isnt overkill haha :joy:

25c is fine, but I would definitely go for higher, and if you’re getting a 5s lipo, make sure to get 2 and connect them in series.

I would look into this post, its a goldmine of information http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/high-power-10s-lipo-battery-pack-with-bms/10014

@ARetardedPillow I meant that I’m going 12s4p with a single drive

I used those batteries on my 12s build. They worked ok but did sag a bit and got a little puffy after a few cycles.

I’m currently using Turnigy 60C hard case Lipos in a 10s configuration. The have minimum sag and after a year, they’re holding up very well.

So I recommend 60C or higher when using Lipos. The higher discharge Lipos usually have a higher charge rate as well which is an advantage when considering regen braking.

Thats really really overkill.

Haha told u

LOL 12s4p with single drive does NOT equal overkill :joy:

i’m not even overkill and i’ve got 10s6p on a single drive…

Lol 10 char

Does the " c rating" also double if you link 2 batteries in series? Ex 30c + 30c = 60c?

No the C rating does not change. Only the capacity changes. How ever, doubling capacity does double discharge capability.