Need help please battery

I almost finish my battery when I was Soldering the xt90 at the end positive and negative touched and know this happened


I hope you still have an intact house for your sake.

Got some pictures?

Hehe yes but I fucked up 1 set


Yeah, things get crazy when you up the voltage

This happened with me when I was building my battery pack but different. I was at the part where I was getting ready to put the connectors on. I was stripping the negative wire and the positive touched my wire stripper causing a spark that made me jump. Note: always tape the end of your phase wires. I right away thought I ruined the whole thing but I went and used the volt meter and luckily everything was ok. Ayyy it was my first time building a pack, now I have some experience and what to do and what not to do. Can’t you just make another set ?

I just conectes the mini remote but I can only use the wheel ? Does anyone know how to change it ?

image Finish the build

Do you have it plugged into number 2?

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No I’m plugged into number 1