Need Help selecting a battery for 35+ miles of range

I need help finding out which battery to get I was looking at a MOLICEL 21700 P42A 4200MAH 45A BATTERY. But I don’t know what to do. I am getting flipsky 3500W 190kv motors. I want to be able to hit 35mph on the board but also be able to get 35-40miles (55-65km) of range. This is on AT 7" wheels. That’s the tricky part is with the AT wheels. It decreases the range but I want them bc they are very smooth and are great to carve with. I was also looking at Chibattery systems custom batteries but as of now, they don’t make them. So I do not know what to get. I am mostly looking for range speed isn’t that concerning as long as it’s 30+mph (55kph).

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You will probably want something like a 12s8p P42A if you want that kind of range. Though that size of battery will probably not fit under the boundmotor deck. You may need to use two separate batteries like you mentioned previously, with one under and one on top like a car battery.

If you need a pack built feel free to DM me. I build custom battery packs:

Also for anyone seeing this in the future, Chi Battery Systems is not recommended as they are known to use outdated and unsafe building techniques.