Need help soldering 14 AWG wires to a MR30 Male connector

Hi, forum. I am in the early stages of building a dual VESC, dual 600W hub motor setup. Since I got the parts from different vendors the cable sizes and connectors are all different.

The VESCs came without a connector on the motor cables (14 AWG) and I am having trouble soldering them into the MR30 male connectors that I need to use since the motors came with those. Did a very messy job with the first couple of tries and damaged the connectors badly.

Got only two left so I wanted to ask the forum how I can connect these 14 AWG wires to the connectors. Any suggestions are appreciated!

What do you mean how to connect them? You solder them? If you don’t know how to solder, look up some youtube video, there are tons of good videos on soldering. Use flux and a high power iron/pistol to solder bigger cables.

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Like @karma said, start watching tutorials. It’s not hard at all if you know how to heat everything evenly.

Don’t forget to get new shrinkwrap and remove the old.

I do know how to solder to a certain extent, the problem is that the connector is too small for the wires on my VESC. Recommended cable size for the connector is 18AWG 2.8mm, while my cables are 14AWG which are larger. Would it cause any problems to add an 18 AWG wire between the VESCs and the connectors?

If your connectors made for 18Awg they are too small for esk8

Get bigger connectors…

Thinner wires = more resistance which, at a certain point, can mean that it catches fire.

That would cause you to have a weak link in your system, and your system is only as strong as the weak link. Here you can see how many amps the cables are rated. for. I would say 18awg is to weak. My recomendations is to just buy some new connectors.

Thanks. How about the motors then? They have thinner cables inside them as well.

A lot of motors have single stranded wire hooked up to them, so they can be thinner but with the same resistance as a larger wire with more strands.