Need help to bring some futures news gears and stuff out for the community!

Hi e-riders !

more bla bla...

For the little story, last year in January 2018 I open Amadride, to continue making some fully customized esk8 for French e-riders, with all the parts available around the world with all the shop and good parts we get access to. But this time with some participation (after more than 2 years, receiving/helping/and building for people at home around a beer or two or more…).

But I just put it in pause (after my move, I’m finishing one last concept for an esk8fr builder), because all custom R2R esk8, take a lot looot loooooot of time (I know you know it ^^) and people want them for yesterday, with the most options and the lower price… I was only doing it by passion!

Now, it’s time … to take time for me ^^ and continue all my personal project too.

But Amadride isn’t finished yet :wink: I would focus on some specific parts now .

(I passed and worked a lot of time on modeling, it’s why I will not share everything on Thingiverse, but the most appropriate and easiest part printable).

Little story short, since the start of the year, I’m hardly thinking about how to produce those things … but it’s really hard to get a fair price when you don’t really know where to go (wath material, what technology etc), with small production and alone…

And it’s here that I need you !!

I need help from someone here, even best if he is a known one and a bit active member maybe, that is also interested in making it happened for the community, in collab with me, and it will be for all kind of stuff/add-ons/gears he/you want to focus on (actually working on some Haggy stuff mostly, I’m finishing the press-fit pulley with @riverside.rider for TB218 and Supercarve compatibility (55T sound good…). And maybe e-toxx stuff soon, with Evolve, Torqueboard too already on the way and 3DSas like the Nano/Mini Gear Drive adaptor for Bergmeister AT wheels I have already made). Maybe one person per gears/project could also be an idea/solution… Maybe you also got more or another idea ?? I hope so :blush:

Here are some 1st things I got in mind :

Bumper / Fender / pulley cover, I can have them made from Nylon PA12 and directly sent to you from the online production (I update with prices shortly) :

Bumper, I will share 3 design (on Thingiverse soon)

Bumper + pulley cover for Senior Pepe (on Thingiverse soon)

Bumper + pulley cover for Bergmeister AT wheels

Fender + bumper

Fender + Bumper + pulley cover for Senior Pepe

Fender + Bumper + pulley cover for Bergmeister AT wheels

Mudguard … here is another issue. I won’t share it cause printed it will never maintain the purpose. (but maybe just the base/holding system… if it lowers nicely the global price)

I would make produce them.

I was thinkings about @fottaz 's advice (who handle the ABS vacuum process like a boss for years now!) about the feasibility of the project regarding the design? What do you think Alberto? Could it be done in ABS with a vacuum process?

Maybe @Leo (who just post an enclosure, very clean) maybe you have some tips too?

Also the 1st gen (screwed) of Bergmeister pulley with differents number of theets, for TB218 and Supercarve, on my Thingiverse next week (the 60T already available since a long time).

Now, that I make a pause on custom Amadride Boards, I will make some MadBox.

Actually working the last one for Unity, it’s on the waiting list for the next proto-print (@Necromenz future beta tester right?).

So I now got them for Focbox/VESC6/ESCape/Dual Escape/FSESC6.6 single with heatsink (2 types)/Unity.

Here, as well already can make some (around a month of delay), I hope to could find better price or solution too.

For now, I got : Shape/cover from …€ (black Nylon PA12)

Heatsink …€ raw (color anodizing basic CMJN +…€, special color +…€)

Base plate …€ (black) + hardware

Here is some examples of some samples my machinist that he has already produced for me from some years now :

I have thinking about Shapeways … or even IndieGoGo and other things like that, but I would also at 1st have your feed of view :slight_smile:

Now I hope we can find a better solution to make you enjoy all this at the best value for money!!

What do think ?

In your turn, go, I’m listening to you!


Shapeways is wayyy too expennnnnnnsivvvvvveee!! My man @moon is doing some nice things thru China. You should look at him.

As a side note (no related to this particular case but equally important) I’m interested on the Datron CNC machine capabilities. Is just amazing and best of all is fast. Don’t no anything about the price, but I think the only other person that I believe is using it is @Kug3lis (3D Servisas). I’m not so sure if he owns one of them or he is outsourcing thru a service that uses them. Why don’t you try asking him.

Here is an example of what the little monster is capable doing…


Yeah I get my stuff made in china


Hey mate,

Iam your man for the Beta.


my boxes are made in abs with a thermoformer built by me

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Some good info covered here, bump for more recognition

Maybe better suited title would work best or just tag along more people to get into discussion


USD 159,000 for this monster just to make esk8 parts won’t pay for itself unless you have a main business


Wow I just noticed that among those pictures you have a 3d model for an integrated deck with kicktail that could support a direct drive for the bergmeister tires? Ummmm :drooling_face:

WANT! :heart_eyes:

P.S. How on earth do you have the time for all this? Thank you, man! :smiley:


Thanks for the feedback Alberto :wink: I like to work with people around me, I can visit it and directly speak with the Project Manager and the machinist. It’s a lot easier for me… (time, shipping, trust,…)

I try once a French online CNC order from professionals who make a proposition for your project and then you choose the one you want, but I got some issue itch time.

But I would like to try something new (since I have moved, I don’t find a new machinist around me yet - except my fav one from Paris for my 2.5D project). I will try to find something out, if you have any reference or if someone would share his, already, trusty shop maybe?

For sure a Datron would be find :smile: and you’re true, I have already ask Kug3lis last year, it could be done maybe! I will have to ask them again.

But actually, the GB possibilities are not that bad, the main issue is with the parts in “plastic”, I only got access to the online HP Jet Fusion 3D 4200 printing service for the functional parts in nylon-pa12 material. What I already use and yes, the parts are really perfect, strong, smooth looking in great mat black. Just not that cheap ^^

Great, congrat for your coming soon gears mate :wink:

how did you find the shop you have to choose?

Yes, I’m sure about that, just like I said

Cause I already know you DIY :wink:

I looking for someone who wants to produce them too I guess :blush:

once it’s will be done and it working, I got the 8" version for emtb!

:relaxed: thanks a lot for your kind work sir, really motivating!

I’m afraid of being confronted with language barriers also maybe… If you got any tips or thinking about another title, I would be grateful for any help :innocent:

haaa… maybe in another life :sweat_smile:

Thanks a lot to mate !! Yes, this was the 1st version, I was to much excited and I had to make some render, but the shape has changed a bit. (on the one posted you got wheelbite ^^ )

I want this global shape: a strong rocker and concave, dropped, with a no-wheel cutout shape working with Berg (why not DD). Enclosed or semi-enclosed … plus kicktail, but the best to use, it should be a bit longer to really perfectly work best.

I’m still modifying the shape,… but I’m a bit late as a little cruiser (for me, 33" is already pretty short, enclosed too) show up :grin: Well, it looks almost like a mini-Riva style from side view but I’m playing with it.

PS : The problem is, that I love project … as much as building … as much as riding. It stimulates me and now, bring them “alive” (create your own 3d version) is almost easy so (parts after parts you will work and model faster) it’s like playing a bit VideoGame to me … :laughing:


It’s not easy and it’s pretty time consuming… not exactly fun either

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Yeah, I already had 3 bad experiences before to go personally see a CNC workshop. I will try to find time to visit some shop around me next month I guess ^^ But right now I can only propose GB …

I have to prioritize my futures CNCed projects to regulate the expenses with the other builds I’m making… (for that, a spring cleaning is waiting/needed for me :money_mouth_face: hahahaaa)


As producing these pieces is an adventure that I can’t lead alone … I share them … it’s hard, I still have a little pinch after so many hours of work. I hope you will enjoy :v: :wink:


Thank you so much @Riako. I will certainly tip you for your hard work.

Can you recommend what material should be used to print the motor guards ?

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