Need help to choose 63mm motor - evolve gtx custom

Hey to all, I have Evolve GTX Street and All Terrain kit skateboard, for new season I want to customize it a bit.

I bought motor mounts from UnikBoards (link) and now i’m looking for motors for it.

95% of time i’m riding with street wheels (97mm), I like to ride fast, with evolve i’m getting max 42km/h(26mph), my goal is to have ability to achieve speed up to 50km/h (31mph)

I’m really new to “diy boards” and don’t want to buy something what will not fit or don’t want to miss any needed part.

My first look was for 6374 from maytech, but I don’t know wich version, should I go for 190KV or maybe 170KV sealed will be enough for that what I want to achieve? On their site, motors are with and without hall sensor, wich is right for standard evolve gtx?

TO THE POINT: What motors do you guys recommend to buy? And what I need more, except motors, do I need buy another belts, or can I use stock belts from evolve? Do I need buy pulley for the motor, or it comes already with motors? (if not, wich one should I buy) If some questions are stupid, then sorry for that, I’m still noob :smiley:

For all help I will really grateful !

idk if you can just buy 63xx motors and wack em onto the evolve board and run it with the same esc. What i do know though is that many people upgrade to racerstar motors which come in either 140kv or 200kv. 200kv will obviously get you a higher top speed and will work with the evolve esc im pretty sure.

Personally, if you want to “upgrade”, get a vesc lol


Totally agree with the post above. The stock esc will take the 5065 200kv but be aware of higher temps and reduced braking power. I was in a similar position and ended up in a full blown upgrade. Only thing left was the trucks :rofl:


Thanks for reply !

Sooo, if I would want to go into 63mm motors I can’t use evolve ESC, going for vesc I have to looking for new controller as well am I right?

What would happen theoretically if I plug in 63mm motors with Evolve ESC? I’m just curious why I can’t use it :slight_smile:


So a couple things. The evolve esc is tuned for their sensored motors. Larger motors may run but their could be issues and nobody wants to find out at 20+ mph… Also you must be aware of amp draw. Larger motors will draw more power and could lead to burning up the stock esc. If you’re just looking for an upgrade you can try the Racerstar 5065 200kv motors, which are drop in replacements and an 18650 battery upgrade. You will feel a noticeable difference in performance. If you do choose larger motors be aware the sensor plug and pinout will be different so you’ll need to address that as well as change the motor phase leads. And if you decide to go full DIY rebuild…here’s what I did


Ok, I will try probably the Racerstar motors then, and maybe in the future full diy build.

Thanks again !

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