Need help to verify products are matching my needs

Hi, i Weight 85Kg and i’m trying to plan the most effective single motor esk8 kit for Cruising around 35 Km/h and have enough torque to climb moderate hills Currently My cart is: Turnigy SK3 6364 245Kv Vesc 6s 25c Batt 83mm wheels gearing ratio of 14:27 (this ratio is not common but i really want a Sprocket Chain and not the rubber. this is the only product i found)

according to the esk8 calc, this kit will go 35Kmh but i dont have the confidence it will do so with my weight and if it will have the right amount of torque for me, should i buy a bigger motor etc please advice and Thanks in advance


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The wheel pulley assembly looks incomplete

I have that sprocket kit, haven’t used it yet because its going to be a PIA to drill the wheel sprocket. Its hardened steel, so needs a carbide bit and you have to go slow or you break bits. Let me know how it works for you.

I have the TB 245KV motor and 6s lipo pack, it easily goes 20mph, but I don’t push it past that.

what ratio do you have now ?

16/36 (10 chars)

the sprocket kit will add more speed with less torque, i’m trying to figure out the impact of this ratio change

I have a 6s Board with the Sk3 245kv, 83mm wheels, x-car beast 150A and a 15mm 13/32t gearing. I´m also about 85 kg. Hitting about 34km/h and goes up most hills ( This ESC can drag some good Amps, so a Vesc will overheat faster with our weight!)

a vesc overheat problem ? i dont want that … R you satisfied with the beast esc (overheat issue, brakes, smooth acceleration etc) ?

Vesc starts overheating at 50A, so with 6s its: 50A x 22,2V = 1110W You´ll reach them quickly if going up hill, so Vesc starts powering down. Only downside of the Vesc for me.

Solution: Use a dual drive 6s with Vescs or use a car ESC. Downside of dual: expensive Downside of ESC: Pure and sometimes loud powa! So not as smooth and customizable as an Vesc.

Other option: get a 3rd 3s battery to go with 9s, get a bms for that and use Vesc. Good middle solution! Use a VescX, I didn´t test it with 6s, but it should be able to hold a bit longer, till it powers down.

6s is a cheap solution for me with the X-Car Beast and works really well even if going up hill.

Do you know some more specific measurements than what is on the ebay page? specifically the distance of the holes from the center, I am trying to design some 3d printed spacers but it is hard without the exact measurements.

What measurements do you want specifically. Ill get this in the morning when I get back to my office.

I whipped up a quick drawing in photoshop -

alternatively if you don’t have time, just a picture with a ruler next to it for scale would be OK.

thanks a ton -

Sure thing, I’ll get it together as soon as I get into my office tomorrow.

thanks so much :slight_smile:

A-34mm B-4mm C-7mm D-12mm E-45mm

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looks like @yanivdo got it for you. Yell if you need anything else.

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