Need help troubleshooting my skateboard

So i got two main problems with this skateboard.

  1. when I connect the batteries to the esc, it just shows a continious red light. The programming card does not respond.
  2. when I tried to attach the batteries to the series adapter it gave a big spark. I tried it twice… My charger also smells funny. Check the imgur album for detailed pictures.

Yes I know I probably should have bought a vesc but they are really expensive and the YEP esc looked easy to install.

What is series adapter? you mean twin charging that combine 3s into 6s balance connector?

Yes to charge two 4s batteries in series as if it’s one 8s battery.

Okay. big spark means short, you short the batteries and if you did that when esc is connected you also have the esc shorted most likely. So hard to say but ur esc is probably dead.

Theres a reason why your twin charging harness didnt work because you actually does short it. There is a thread that explains that you need to connect the twin charging harness by reversing polarity.

means the balance plug that you connect to the left now connect it to the right one vice versa (swap the positions).

You need to do that exactly like this. Understand the diagram carefully.

I’m pretty sure the esc was not connected at the time of the sparks. So this couldn’t have killed it. but okay i’m already kinda relieved you saw a problem. So if i connect the twin charging harness in the correct way, everything should work? And do you think it will still work with the burnmarks?

If its still can connect with the burn matks its fine, otherwise you have to replace the jst connector.

Like wise, its best to protect your esc with a fuse. In case of shorts or wrong polarity.

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Your balance adapter board looks like a parallel board not a series adapter. Are you sure it’s a series adapter?