[Need Help]What kind of connector this is?

First build.

The connector on battery and charging pot is not paired. Where can I find the one that is pair for this?

And for the charger. How should I find them? I am using a 10s2p Sanyo Battery pack from Meepo. If there is anything I need to pay attention of? Don’t wanna make a fire in my house😂

Thank u guys. Appreciate any help!

image image image image

are you good at soldering? just cut it and connect ones you have lying around.

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I think that is a style of 3 pin molex.

I would recommend snipping it and putting on a mt30 connector. If you need help soldering, let me know and I can send you some fool-proof resources

Wait - I now see there’s only two wires connected. Just get an xt30, xt60, 2.1x5.5mm, or 2.5x5.5mm barrel jack

Oh yea. That’s a good alternative way which I didn’t even think of. Lol.

Oh. Thank u very much!