Need Help! Wich Motor/Battery combination for Penny Board

Hi Guys!

I´m planning my first build right now. I need a small commuter board to get around when I´m travelling, so I decided to pimp an old pennyboard. The idea is to attach longboard trucks and wheels to mount the motor not sticking out backwards. I will also fix the flex with some sturdy tubes.

I was thinking about buying the Turnigy trucks, motor mount and pulley set, although the latter one depends on the motor?

I´m really not sure about the motor, battery and esc, and would really appreciate some help as to wich components would be suitable for my goals:

  1. Top Speed should be 20 - 25 kph or 12 - 16 mph
  2. Ability to deal with mountains
  3. Long range
  4. Budget is 300 euros for all components except deck.

As for the ESC, the only feature I need is regen braking, would a simple ESC suffice there?

Thanks a lot!

Hi! You might have some trouble fitting all of the components that you’ll need for the specs you want (because the penny boards are so small!). If you want climbing and long range, you’ll need a large battery and probably a dual motor setup.

As far as ESCs are concerned, get a VESC. It has regen braking and bunch of other features, too. Well worth it. Only thing is that the VESC starts at ~$100…

Sadly that budget noe deck will do for what u want

Hey! I’ve actually got a penny board I built that somewhat fits the specs you gave. Here’s what I suggest: Motor: Turnigy 6374, for lots of power Mount: HK motor mount Gearing: HK gears ESC: VESC, definitely worth it if you want a reliable ESC that will last. Wheels: 76mm or 83mm flywheel clones

Trucks: These are square trucks so the HK mount will fit them. Also, they are big enough to fit the gearing and motor mount on the trucks, without being as big as full blown longboard trucks that make the wheels stick way out. So basically replace the back truck with one of these and leave the penny trucks on the front to save money.

Batteries: Two of these wired in series will give you 6s, and about 6 miles range. If you can find a way to fit 4 on the board, that will double your range.

It’s pretty cramped for space on a penny board. When I built mine, I put the motor sticking out the back to have more room underneath the deck for batteries, I probably could have squeezed it under the deck but it would have been tight. It’s honestly probably easier to buy something a little bigger, like a “nickel” sized deck to have more room for batteries, especially if you want lots of range.


Thanks for your detailed answer man!

About the motor, I actually dont want something with a lot of power :grin: I have a tendency to crash things, like I totaled 2 motorbikes before turning 20yo, so there is that.

I just want a motor that goes 15 mph while still having some torque for hills. What do you think about the Turnigy D5035 KV125? Does the low KV mean lower top speed and higher torque?

Also I couldnt find info on how many teeth the HK pulleys have, so if I ordered them I wouldnt know what top speed I´m getting right?

@Bad_Hospital The power of the motor would be for hill climbing…

@Bad_Hospital @longhairedboy just built a penny board; check him out on IG to see how he did it.

I built a Pennyboard with 42mm 300KV & 6S 3000mAh

With all original parts (wheels & trucks) - 3D Printed mount

Worked pretty well :slight_smile:

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i threw one together with typical esk8 gear. replaced the wheels and trucks completely and basically used just the deck.

originally i was going to fab a mount out of a solid chunk of aluminum and use a smaller motor but i built this ina fit of insomnia in under 4 hours so this is more or less the product of a partum somnum.

those are the smaller calibers, the 165s i beleive. I had to mod the hanger to properly align the belt by removing alminum ffom the arch near the kingpin.

15/33 on 83mm wheels, 12S1P of used samsung 25R cells, focbox, vedder switch, bms on charge and discharge, single LHB TB 6355 sensored motor (they’re around 3000 watts give or take)

voltage sag is apparent, breaking is an issue, etc etc. still paying with it.

I figure if i spend enough time trying to tune this thing to perfection on this hilariously small battery pack then i may learn a few tricks for my bigger boards. ITs not just a right of passage or a for fun board, its actually taught me a few things already. Like how small an esk8 package can actually get if you don’t care about range at all. lol


oh man thats exactly what I want to build! I mean with a different objective but thats really close. nice to see its doable. How fast does it go and how is the handling at higher speeds?

Also I would really appreciate if you could look over my setup really quick, i´m fucking clueless tbh Trucks are gonna be bennet black 150mm Kryptonics 76mm wheels Motor mount and pulley set from HK 2x Zippy 5000 mAh 3S1P 20C As for the motor, I´m still torn and actually have no idea anyway. Someone suggested me the Turnigy 6374 wich seems a solid option, and I kinda like the idea of the D5035 125KV since it will definitely fit the motor mount and has comparably high torque/low speed because of low KV? I also like the idea of the 43 $ ebay esc + remote, I just dont want to destroy my batteries. Since if I destroy the batteries, I almost could have bought a vesc anyway. Otherwise I would go with a vesc or vescx + wii thing since we have like 4 of them laying around.

I would really appreciate it if you could give me some advice on the motor and esc! or something else if I fucked that up

For something like this I’d build a lifepo4 a123 pack. It will give you 70A on a 1p configuration