Need help with auto power off and ADC

I am using a remote control receiver which is hooked up to the ADC of the VESC MKV6. The remote has a power on/off, up(to increase the speed) and down button (to reduce the speed). Basically I am using the remote to control the speed. I am also using a momentary switch to auto power off and I have set the timer to 1 min. With the power on/off i am able to turn on/off the motor. But when I am using the switch to auto power on the system, the VESC cuts off the speed to the whole system disabling the motor to startup when I press the power button on the remote. How can I have the remote and also the switch work in parallel, in the sense that when the vesc is in sleep/hybernating mode, I either press the button on the remote or roll the motor, the vesc powers on. Thanks for all the help!

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Can we see a picture of your current setup?

Sorry for the untidy drawing but that should explain it. I tried the remote connected to the ADC and also a pot to test it out

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Of course! Right there is the problem.

Sorry I didnt understand what you meant.

You need like another power line in there or something. Maybe.