Need help with brakes

Hi everyone! Need your help, because I’m a totally noob in electronics. I have ESC from FVT, this one - And this motor -

As long as I know, it is impossible to smooth start from standing with this set up. And I’m OK with it. There is no problem with acceleration while going. The biggest and baddest problem is my brakes. They aren’t brake at all!! Even when I set it up to 100% in USB link software, still nothing. It brakes, but brakes so weak so it looks like no brakes at all.

Guys, may be it’s stupid question, but…

is it possible to have strong brakes with this motor or I need motor with hall sensors?

interesting to hear you got no brakes… well I do have 192kv motor and 4.33 ratio (mountainboard) but brakes are quite strong and often too sudden even at 50% braking force.

So im not sure what’s the problem… I would maybe check that your remote is calibrated correctly and it does sense it when you press the lever/trigger in brake position on the remote.

As about the sensors - im not 100% sure whenever it would work good with sensors. I dont know who has tried it with sensors, even if you have sensor port for your esc, as some later models/editions does not have sensor port anymore and has 3rd extra capacitor added on outside.

You know, may be you’re right. May be this, maybe that, but I had to reassemble whole skateboard, turn it on, tries to calibrate remote in the usual way (turn on with pressed trigger), motor wasn’t “beep-beep” , but somehow brakes are appeared!! I put it on 100% and tested, they works with me in a board! But it makes some noise, i’m not sure, is this way it works?

Sounds like cogging? If you slowly apply breaks does it still make the noise?

this sound appears in second half of trigger. the first half is “empty” and make so weak brake power like doesn’t brake at all. This noise come out wherever slowly apply brakes or harder.

I would say your belt is skipping teeth as the brake is too powerful.

try to tension it more, if it is possible for you.

There is a bit of ‘hiss sound’ for this esc once in operation but I can tell you it is still a lot more quite than other escs and its brake at least does not make a terrible sound.