Need help with charging

I have 4 3s 5000mah I hate the fact that I have to take everything apart and charge each battery on a balance board I’m looking for a new method to charge my born without taking everything apart can I get some input I have an old charger already for 50 V charging at2amp I believe Where do I go from here

You’ll have to get a 12s BMS circuit and wire your charge port into it, and then the BMS into your battery array. Should be lots of info out there on the forum.

Two things you need to determine: what brand BMS to get (expect to pay about 60-70 shipped for a good 12s, or you could try your luck with an aliexpress $25 model), and if you want the BMS to sit in between both the discharge and charge circuit, or just the charge circuit. sitting in between both is the best approach but is more costly; many feel it’s ok to have it solely on the charge circuit and bypass it for discharge.


You don’t necessarily need a bms. I’ve been charging a 12s lipo pack direct with the charger linked below for 6 months and it works great.

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Also, triple check that the “50v” charger you have is actually putting out the correct voltage (which should be 12*4.2=50.4v)

You’ll also need some sort of port to plug the charger into. I used an XLR plug because I had them, and they’re available with dust covers, but anything works as long as it’s fairly robust.

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Interesting, i’ve heard of people charging large li-ions without a bms, but it is very rare to charge lipos without one, from what i understand. i think the vast majority of people would agree that having a bms on a lipo pack is mandatory.


Definitely agree with the “you really do need a BMS” statement. The cells are never THAT well balanced, especially long term.

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Yeah I mean it’s all up to you and what you feel comfortable doing.

It works great, all the way up to the huge fire. I mean, even right before that it will work great. :roll_eyes:

You better check each cell voltage with a multimeter at a MINIMUM to verify it’s working as good as you think it is…


So my full charge is 50.4 and my cut off is at 44.4 volts I have two motors 6374 two vesc from torque boards what’s is a bms how do I find it and wire it right second result.

Read this thread:

Lithium battery packs should always be balance charged. Both Lipos and Li-ions.


If you want to say “second result” then you can’t pick “google” as the search engine because Google gives each person different results. will give the same results for the same query.


Bms for charge only is mandatory if you ask me on every type of battery Unless you have a balance charger

True, but I’d be willing to wager that Wikipedia is high on everyone’s list.

I pull the enclosure once a month, and check the cells. Each time I do it, they are perfectly balanced. I think the danger of lipos has been blown out of proportion and with some common sense and care, they’re perfectly safe

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So what’s hooks to the bms from the charger

That’s perfectly fine until one of the cells goes bad. Without balancing, the first time you know about it will be when your house burns down.

It’s like parachuting. You can be as careful as you like in packing your parachute (checking your cells), but eventually it’s going to fail to open (a cell will go bad). Without a backup chute (BMS) the results are catastrophic.

Well I guess agree to disagree on battery design. Thanks for your opinion though :grinning:

Wait, what ? Are you sure you understand the possible consequences of charging a Lipo or Li-ion battery without a balance charger or BMS ? I mean, not caring is a thing. But you can’t say that not using a BMS or balance charger is OK and safe.